London (10/2), Paris, Vienna, CD RELEASE Show & Grammy submissions

My dear Roswitha family,
I have to keep it short, it’s late…. :-)
1. PARIS: 9/24 – 9/30, excited to do some networking & performing there!
2. LONDON show is confirmed for October 2nd http://www.nomadchef.com/! I’ll be there between 9/30 – 10/5, who wants to meet me in London? :-)
3. Zuerich: 10/5
=" TIME OUT :-)))))))
4. Vienna: 10/14 – 10/16 (I am coming back to NY on 10/16)

NY Show @ Cafe Steinhof 10/23.

Please help me spread the message of my CD RELEASE Show on 11/18! the goal is to have the place sold out by 11/1, you can share the link to the tickets: http://metropolitanroom.com/show.cfm?cart&id=119969
You can also invite your friends on Facebook to my events I created by first joining yourself, then sharing them:

Do you know any GRAMMY VOTING MEMBERS? my album got submitted to the Grammys :-) Please have them listen to it on my website http://www.queenrosemusic.com/ and ask them to give me a vote ;-)

little message from me :-)

love love love Roswitha

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DESTINY album Grammy submission, CD Release Show 11/18 Metropolitan Room

Hallo my dear Roswitha fam!
time flies…. sooo much happening! In case you missed my last Newsletter (8/21), this sums some of it up: http://ymlp.com/z5dRCf

here the latest news:
1. Official CD Release Show 11/18/13, 9.30pm. I want you all there ;-) This will be sooo special, I am putting for the 1.x my album cover image on stage, with live band! Tickets have to be pre-ordered, we will sell out: http://bit.ly/15ulZhV
This is the official launch of the Roswitha brand. We are working on getting media, industry, press people there and potential investors!
Please let me know if you know of anyone who should be there or get invited!

2. Do you want to join the SUCCESS team for this event? Please let me know asap: queenrosemusic@gmail.com!
We are in full motion. There are many ways to contribute from afar: spreading the links online on Social Media (FB events, Show page, my website…), the more mentioning from others the better!
I am working closely on this with my booking agent and my new ‘right-hand-person’ and building a powerful SUCCESS team :-) My booking agent thinks I am the next Lady Gaga, with the violin ;-)

3. The album got submitted to the Grammys (best Alternative Album and many more) :-))) Please help me to tell everyone, so we can reach the voting members! We want them to listen to my album (on www.queenrosemusic.com, Spotify or iTunes) and ask them to give me one vote! If you know voting members PLEASE tell them! As soon as I know the actual categories I will let you know!

4. I am leaving for Vienna, Graz, Irdning, London, Paris, Switzerland, Vienna 9/18 10/16 :-)

Love love love from your Roswitha

“Roswitha’s Happy Friday VIDEO: DESTINY album Grammy submission, CD Release Show 11/18/13, NYC”: http://bit.ly/15xbxpK

Show PROMO Video: “World Premiere: ROSWITHA, DESTINY CD Release @ Metropolitan Room, NYC, Nov 18th, 2013” http://bit.ly/13EpIKb

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Roswitha DESTINY release party at the Metropolitan Room Nov.18th, 2013

THANKS to all of you! pledges got mailed out!

My dear Roswitha family,
this won’t be my last mail I am sending out to you all, but expect messages from here less often, but instead my Destiny-Newsletters more regularly ;-) BUT, you will ALWAYS be the first people who believed in me, and therefore I will make sure I will let YOU all know first if there is something special to announce ;-)

I finally sent all the pledges out yesterday! Soooo excited and grateful to all of you for what you have allowed me to accomplish! I prepared all packages for Europe and sent them to my executive producer in a big box, who will mail them out from Germany, so those will take some time, at least 2 weeks.

On my side a lot is happening, always, and I am trying to stay focused, becoming more organized, effective and intentional, a work in progress…..
The album is just the beginning, now I have to get it out into the world to as many people as possible :-) Any support around it is much appreciated! Like my new Roswitha Facebook page. Booking agents and promoters all look at your Social Media and YouTube numbers nowadays, how much people interact with you is what counts: https://www.facebook.com/roswithaofficial

Thanks to those who have have given me a customer feedback on Amazon & iTunes :-) If you still want to do so it is NEVER too late ;-)
Amazon: http://amzn.to/12vzr7D
iTunes: http://bit.ly/14miq1G

I am enjoying the summer soooo much! Even though it is super hot here in NYC, 34 degrees during the day, ‘cooling’ down to 31 at night :-)
I get to focus on performing and improving my skills, which I am totally enjoying. I hope this is just the beginning of lots more to come :-)
And I am finally catching up with life that was on hold, my 2012 taxes are waiting to be done for my accountant to finish up….

Sending all of you big hugs and big THANK YOUs!!!
I hope I get to see my NYC friends at my 8/21 show and my European ones in September (working on some shows over there too).

love love love from your Roswitha

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Don’t mess with me! before photo shoot

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Sweet home! home mountain GRIMMING from the top! I hope I will get up there this fall!

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Sweet home! home mountain GRIMMING from my parents’ balcony in the thunderstorm! This is where I grew up!

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All your packages ready to be transported on the bike & mailed :-)

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Best friends! At Charisa’s amazing show! Soooo proud of her! Violinists-Singers on the rise :-)

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THis is how the organic T-Shirt looks like! Let me know how you like it!

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My first time playing on a subway mezzanine, my whole album & some covers :-) FUN!!!

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My first time playing on a subway mezzanine, my set-up :-)

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My first time playing on a subway mezzanine, in my original photo shoot skirt ;-)