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Patrick N

Patrick N commented

I got Molly's album recently, so as far as I'm concerned, our deal is finalized!

It was an enjoyable record, as were Laurie's and Abbie's. This whole Pledge Music thing was great for me, I hope it was for all the other pledgers and you 3 Mollys as well.

I saw you at City Winery in September and I'm going to your show at The Kate in April. I can't get enough of you guys!!

If this worked out for you I hope you'll consider trying it again.. Thanks so much for involving us, and for providing the extras you did.

Dewey L Searcy

Dewey L Searcy commented

Congratulations Molly! Such a nice surprise! I can see you wailing away with that killer voice and D-35. Abbie- see you in "The Ville" next month!

John Crooks

John Crooks commented

Red Molly, it is great that the three of you actively reply to posts here to help the fans about any questions, issues or problems. I have seen more artist replies here than any other Pledges. Anastacia's Evolution was released in Sept, but Pledgers for the Pre-ordered Auto'd CD had to wait until Dec after a number of postponed released dates. Lots of complaints later Pledge issued an update and that was postponed too. I messaged the Label & on "A"'s website and got no replies. Even "A" didn't even leave an Artist reply or vid update. So well done ladies in giving fans personal updates and replies to your fans for which they are truly thankful. Also will you be playing in Belfast if you do a UK tour.

John Crooks

John Crooks commented

Oh and the CD Pledgers were not even given a Download version of the album either while they waited for their hard copies to arrive. When I got mine there wasn't even a receipt or an apology letter. The "A" auto was ended with a smiley face on it (sic). Goes to show top a top main artist can't be bothered, when smaller artists as Red Molly are willing to pull out all the stops to keep the fans happy, Kudos to RM. Any chance to list the CD albums track listings in the main page please for fans and other Pledger's to see, thanks.

Mark Smith

Mark Smith commented

Are WAV (lossless) files available for the current downloads?

Stefan Andersson

Stefan Andersson commented

Will be exciting to listen to these, when I get home (Thursday morning here now.) And thanks for making flacs too, mp3 just don't make it these days. Listening to mp3 sounds alright at first, but when You listen to the same song in flac You realize the difference (and I guess I would hear even greater difference if I still was 20 and could hear 20k...) Good luck with Your efforts and a Merry Christmas. Santa lives next door and he has worked on his red nose all year so he will be in great shape come christmas.

Artist response
Abbie Gardner

Abbie Gardner commented

Hi Tessa! Yes, international shipping is quite expensive, isn't it? I know that's frustrating. :(

There are some options though- you can order the digital versions and download almost everything today, including a bonus live recording... or you can wait until the major retailers start distributing the records (as early as January) and see if their rates are better (since they may be able to take advantage of bulk mailing).

All the best,


Tessa commented

I just tried to buy the three new CDs. But the delivery charge to the UK is over £12.00. I can't afford that, so sadly I'm not buying.

Thomas Canavan

Thomas Canavan commented

Thank you Laurie!

Dewey L Searcy

Dewey L Searcy commented

Both Laurie's and Abbie's MP3 files were available for download via an email rec'd yesterday. Laurie, Abbie--thank you! Both CD's are so good! I am sure Molly's will be too!

Kevin Lyness

Kevin Lyness commented

I only see the download for Abbie's solo CD. Where are the others? It sounds like they should be there.

Artist response
Abbie Gardner

Abbie Gardner commented

Hi Kevin- By now you probably saw the other updates addressing this, but Laurie's CD should be there now and Molly's will be coming in January. Thanks!