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New Album

Pre-order my two brand new albums. I will be creating one acoustic and one full on rock album. Come and join the fun!


of goal

I am Ricky Warwick.
Welcome to my PledgeMusic page .

As some of you already heard from updates on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or my website, we (my team and I) are going to realize something big in a new amazing way:

We are going to realize my New Album via PledgeMusic – together with you!

The Project: 
I am going to try something a little ambitious. I want to create two albums – one acoustic and one a full on rock album. Both albums will be released in late 2014.
 All the material is new. These will be my 4th & 5th studio albums and I made a lot experiences. I’m sure you will love the new songs! The acoustic album is going to be called “Hearts on Trees”. The other album will be called “When Patsy Cline Was Crazy" (And Guy Mitchell Sang The Blues)”. As a special bonus, both albums are going to be produced by Joe Elliott and Ronan McHugh. You probably know Joe from his superstar status as lead singer of Def Leppard. Ronan is the wizard behind the soundboard for Def Leppard. Ronan also produced two of my previous solo records. This is going to be very special!

Why Pledge? 
My fans have been extremely supportive over the years.
We (my team and I) want to share the process of realizing this project with you by creating this pledge campaign.
We give you the opportunity to get some special items, gifts and to be a part of the entire project.

How does it work? 
With every pledge, you support us to realize and release the album. As soon as we have reached 100% the project will be realized. If we don ́t reach the target (that won’t happen!), you don’t get charged anything. But you wont receive any items either. That’s a fair deal. On top of all that, you help a charity, as a part of the raised money will be donated to a charity project. We will tell you more about this in the next updates.

Why should you participate? By pledging you are not only helping us, you will also have exclusive access to my updates (videos, photos, blogs etc.) during the process. Most of the updates are for pledgers only. Be sure there will be some surprises. Be a part of my world.

Thank you a lot for this!


5% post goal
5% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to FASA.

Sample Artist Tracks


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: Two New Studio Albums

Two New Studio Albums

Get a digital download of both completed albums (“Hearts on Trees” and “When Patsy Cline Was Crazy" (And Guy Mitchell Sang The Blues)”– be the first to hear the fruits of this project!

Physical CD of Both Albums


Delivered to your mailbox right after release and you will also get the digital download to keep you company until the package arrives.

Limited Edition T-shirt

Limited Edition T-shirt

This shirt will be designed by me and wont be available anymore after the album is released. You also get the digital download of the album.

Signed Physical CD of Both Albums

222 left

Signed by me and delivered to your mailbox right after release and you will also get the digital download to keep you company until the package arrives.

Limited Edition T-shirt/ Signed Physical CD of both Albums

All gone!

Get the Limited Edition T-Shirt, the signed physical copy of the CDs plus the digital download.

Signed Limited Edition 12” Vinyl

443 left

For the audiophile. Both albums in warm sounding vinyl, signed by me and delivered to your mailbox right after release. You will also get the digital download to keep you company until the package arrives.

Your Name In The Credits + Signed Physical CD of Both Albums

All gone!

In the CD booklet that accompanies the album, there will be a special section that will list the special supporters of the this project. Your name will appear in the credits of BOTH albums. I will sign your copy of the CD made out personally to you.

2 VIP Passes to the Album Release Party in Belfast


I will be hosting an album release party in Belfast, Northern Ireland to celebrate the release of these albums. This pledge gets you 2 VIP passes to join me. You need to get yourself to the party and make arrangements for your own accommodations. I will be performing some of the tracks from the album at the party as well as a few surprises. I will even throw in a digital download of both albums.

Show Date/Time/Venue: December 14, 2014 – 7pm doors – Voodoo

Venue Details:

11A Fountain St, Belfast, Antrim, Belfast BT1 5EA, United Kingdom
+44 28 9027 8290

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

46 left

Choose any song that I wrote and I will send you a hand written and personalized version of the lyrics to that song. I will also include a physical copy of the album, autographed and made out to you personally.

Video Birthday Greeting

9 left

A special memory that will make your special day awesome! I will record a birthday wish on video for you to own forever. You can have the message recorded for you or someone special – your choice.

Ultimate Care Package

All gone!

Here you get it all…. a physical signed copy of both albums, the digital download, the signed limited edition T-Shirt, your name in the special supporters section of the CD booklet and a few other treats.

Custom Painted Chucks

Custom Painted Chucks
All gone!

For a few years now, world renowned shoe artist, Mags from, has been making Ricky special shoes that he wears on stage with both Thin Lizzy and Black Star Riders. True to form, Mags created a special pair of shoes to celebrate Ricky’s PledgeMusic Campaign. As an added bonus, Mags has given us one more pair of these super cool shoes for one lucky fan. There will only be two pairs of these shoes in the world… the pair Ricky has and this pair.

  • There is only one pair of these available and it is first come, first serve. Please make sure to indicate the shoe size you are after and Mags will paint you up a pair for your very own.
    PLEASE NOTE: because these are hand painted/custom made, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Signed Original Artwork

24 left

We will be doing up a very limited edition of quality prints of artwork from the albums. Each piece will be signed and numbered and is limited to a total run of 25 pieces.

Tour Of Belfast

4 left

The ultimate Belfast experience. Go on a tour of Belfast with Ricky and his collaborator on this project, Sam Robinson. They will take you around Belfast, showing you many of the famous sites that were key in the Troubles that plagued Belfast. Only 4 of these special packages will be available and those that pledge to this package also get one of the Ultimate Care Packages. You need to get yourself to Belfast and make arrangements for your own accommodations.

Two Days With Ricky In Los Angeles

2 left

Ricky has spent the past several years living in the musically rich city of Los Angeles with his family. This is your chance to spend two days with Ricky in the city opt angels. He will take you around to all his favorite musical spots and points of interest including several local pubs. Sure to be an adventure you will never forget! Two nights hotel accommodation in Los Angeles is included. Only four of these packages are being offered. Transportation to and from Los Angeles is your responsibility and not part of this package. We will be on contact with you to arrange dates that work for both you and Ricky.

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