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Vincent Moureau

Vincent Moureau commented

Still no sign of the vinyl. :( Any updates?

gregory l keller

gregory l keller commented

Got my CD today, thanks for following through. Well worth the wait!

Neil Elverson

Neil Elverson commented

Sweet! Received and played loads, still sinking in! Fave track at the mo Drive me away, little bit bluesy! Nice one ladies, keep it coming!!!!

Andy Corbett

Andy Corbett commented

3 of the tracks in the FLAC download are mp3!?!? Tracks 3. 6 and 7

James S.

James S. commented

Where are the links for the downloads? They do not show up on my Pledge Page/Order. I ordered the Signed CD and EP.

Andy Corbett

Andy Corbett commented

The downloads page should be on the right side of he second menu line - Mine goes "Overview" "Updates" "Discussion" "Pledgers" "Store" and finally "Downloads"

Brian Sherman

Brian Sherman commented

Yes, I too reported that there is a problem with the FLAC download.


PAUL DYAS commented

I ordered signed ep's + signed photos
have then been posted out yet "


CJ commented

Who misses the old Marquee?

Geoff Knight

Geoff Knight commented

What's the new release date?

Phil Harris

Phil Harris commented

Love the new album cover

douglas mcleod

douglas mcleod commented

Well done lasses, ye made it! Looking forward to hearing the new album when ye release it! :) \m/