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Roald Hansen

Roald Hansen commented

When do I get the vinyl?

Anna Mason

Anna Mason commented

Hi Roald - I'll chase this up for you.

Team PM

paul McDermott

paul McDermott commented

45 days late....really?

Artist response
Skip Matheny

Skip Matheny commented

Hi Paul - First off thanks so much for your pledge. I am sorry for delays on this end, and I sent out an email earlier to all pledge / pre-order folks explaining how this is working for us this time around. Maybe it did or didn't make it's way to your inbox. -- Once we finished our pledge drive, we had access to a portion (not the total) of the funds raised by the pre-orders and then - for the first time - we were able to begin ordering all of the merchandise involved in the pledge campaign. As of right now we are a few days from getting our cd's back from the manufacturer. The tshirts are done and we have them, and we are a few days away from our posters being printed. Once those are all in we can send out our pledge packages etc. I apologize that you have to wait for even a minute on these things, and if we had had a few thousand dollars laying around to buy all of this in advance, we definitely would have. The ideal thing would obviously be to launch the pledge and then be able to mail out the items the day the campaign wraps up. Unfortunately because of the very nature of these things, that rarely happens. We will send out your items as soon as they have all arrived. Nonetheless sorry for the delays and thanks for your patience and support.


Daniel Irwin

Daniel Irwin commented

The "teasers" are killing me! Every day my anticipation of the "Debris" release increases.

charles truman

charles truman commented

You have not let me down, its been too long since you recorded but well worth the wait

All we need after the album is the tour!! England here you come maybe

Great work band

Charles Truman

Nigel Harding

Nigel Harding commented

Why are the pre-order songs only 192kbps? Will the full album download be higher quality?

Artist response
Skip Matheny

Skip Matheny commented

Yes you can have the record in much higher quality audio formats Nigel. These are meant to be song previews, which is why the lack of options in audio quality out of the gates. Thanks for asking

Andrew Holt

Andrew Holt commented

So damn excited about the new music. I'm really enjoying listening to the pre-order released songs. Quality stuff.

Artist response
Skip Matheny

Skip Matheny commented

Thanks Andrew !