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Eddie commented

are there lyrics available for mutation iii: dark black album available? pdf, text?

naomi diamond

naomi diamond commented

hi Chris & Jane, is there any update on the Hey! Hello! Too vinyl? did that come out? & if so do you have any left...I'm a shop as well as a fan (I bought the other releases direct through you) & had it on preorder through distributors but no updates there. If you could reply here or to it'd be much appreciated, thank you!

adam fulcher

adam fulcher commented

Hi, I've just seen on Amazon a pre order for the new mutation album with two bonus tracks which I have seen mentioned on a previous discussion. Are you looking to release these tracks to the pledgers? I know you have had a lot of issues with this pre order, such as delayed releases, sub standard releases (which was out of your control) but this just seems like an extra kick in the balls to us pledgers. Also still no mention of the cd/dvd r issue. Is there going to be an update/resolution for this?

David Fitzgerald

David Fitzgerald commented

Hi - I still have not seen and update or response for the proposed remedy for the CD-r Earth vs DVD's that were issued. Very poor quality and not what I expected. I know with so much stuff released over the last year difficult to keep up, but this release is really not up to the usual standard.


TW commented

So I asked the following question on 26 January:

"I'm wondering if we could please get an updated timescale for production/shipment of the solo vinyl boxset? Chris/Jane said in the fulfilment update that there'd be an accurate ETA by the end of December, but I can't see anything."

And I'm still waiting for a response. It's now the 21 April, so that's nearly three months. Is no one else getting irritated by the lack of communication on this? I understand that there were production problems last year and I appreciate that the team is very busy--especially with the new album and tour. I have no problem with that at all. But to put over £75 down on a promise almost ten months ago to be met by silence is extremely disappointing and, frankly, is souring me as a fan to the point where I'm seriously considering requesting a refund. I don't want to do that as these albums are very dear to me but patience and trust are starting to wear thin. And I get the feeling I'm not the only one.

Artist response
Jane Graley

Jane Graley commented

Hi Tom. I completely understand your frustration and can only apologise profusely. After we parted ways with RedEssential we had to start from scratch with the design, layout, basically everything. A most unfortunate positio that I am really trying my hardest to put right as quickly as possible. I have just requested an update from the designer and once I receive this we should be able to give a clearer picture of timescales for delivery. If you would like a refund due to the length of time it is taking to get it competed then of course that is totally understandable and we can sort that out for you straight away. I will post a full update once I hear from the designers and I really am truly sorry for the delay x

Richard Colton

Richard Colton commented

Any chance for a project related to reissuing WH's albums on vinyl. I'm looking for a copy of Earth V's but the Ebay prices are astronomic ?


Paolo commented

Hi, where can I found a list of the complete releases, even with sold out items?
Many tthanks!

Richard Colton

Richard Colton commented

If anyone's interested the Never Outsung album on yellow vinyl was up for sale on the WH Store for £25 + p&p.

Though the store seems to be down at th mo.

Rob Turner

Rob Turner commented

Any update on when the Hey! Hello! and Mutation III vinyl will be shipping? Would be nice to get a rough idea.

adam fulcher

adam fulcher commented

Sorry to keep going on, but is there anything happening about these cd-r cd's/dvd's? It feels it's been raised for ages ago and has been acknowledged but nothing seems to have been done. I'm not blaming ginger as he wasn't aware of this but we have paid for something and have received a poorer quality item than we was promised.

Barry Lattimore

Barry Lattimore commented

I would like an answer for this as well. It seems to have been a problem for lots of pledgers.