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First Listen #2

Hi Team!! Great to hear from some of you regarding “Show-Me-State”!! Now, I’d love to share with you a darker, dirtier tune called, “Dirty Little Secret”…these are close to final mixes. I love h...
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AccessPass Update

First Listen

Please enjoy this first listen of the song randomly inspired by the words of my sixth grade math teacher, Mrs. Inman. S/0 Rogers Elementary, STLMO!! Please comment your thoughts below!! Love, S...
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November Update & Track Listing!!

Happy Thanksgiving Pledge Brothers & Sisters from Californ-i-a!! It’s been a hot minute and I have much to share!! I hope you are doing well and planning some fun times as the holidays approach...
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Tour Recap & Album Update!!


OMG Pledge Fam!! How I’ve missed you! It’s been several weeks since my last update. Is it autumn where you are? I’ve been HOT since Texas haha – meaning, it has definitely still been summer in Texas, Arizona, and the Californian Desert!! I actually came to San Diego early because I knew it would be 20-30 degrees cooler near the water! It’s a nice and gloomy fall day here, and I’m grateful I followed my intuition and got out of the heat.

Tour is officially over TONIGHT actually, so I can’t give a full and accurate recap until the show ends at LeStat’s West here in San Diego. However, I would love to share that it’s been beautiful thus far, and that I’ve been in a magical flow of sweet travel vibes, which are a combo of my intuition, and my higher power’s guidance and protection along the way. I used to say I had a separate, more magical “travel Self” who can easily surrender to the flow and live her best life. Yes, free spirits love to “keep it movin” but I like to think I’m evolving into this “travel Self” more and more on a day-to-day basis. I would love to treat every single day like the magical adventure that it is, though sometimes I admit it feels more like a G R I N D. I’m actively attempting to create a life I don’t need a vacation from, by stepping more into an entrepreneurial space, but I think it starts with simple gratitude and expands from there. IDK – what do YOU THINK???

As for the album, I am receiving mixes and giving feedback on what I hear. My mixer just started Grad School at NYU, and I’ve been on the road, so this process has been slow and steady. I should have some singles for you within the next month!!! And I’ll start releasing them to the public after that. In the meantime, I need to get them mastered (which is like putting an awesome frame on a killer piece of art), and I’ll be working on my updating my web presence & rebrand across all platforms. (Can’t wait to share this beautiful collab with my brilliant designer, Becca Reitz!)

If you aren’t following me on the Gram, please do. It’s turning into a mini travel blog for me and I share real life real talk in my IG Story!! Http://instagram.com/sadiehartmusic

Oh, I have some sweet little demos up on my website, non-related to the album FYI: http://sadiehartmusic.com/music

And lastly, I just wanna thank you for your love & support. I’m so grateful to have you on this journey. You are my scaffolding. My fortification. My platform from which to fly freely and safely land. Can’t do it without you!!

Love you,

Sadie xoxo

Photography by Craig Warnhoff & Emily Johnson
Sofar Sounds, Cherokee Street, Saint Louis, MO, 2018.

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Exclusive Feature - Postcard From The Road!


Team High Vibes,

As you know, my PledgeMusic store IS STILL OPEN for album pre-orders all the way up until the release!!! If any of you want to make an additional store purchase, or might know anyone else who does, you totally still can! AND since I reached my initial goal, 5% of every single purchase from now until my record is released goes directly to Thistle Farms, an incredible organization doing great work with women here in Nashville: https://thistlefarms.org/

As you may know, I am currently ON THE ROAD AGAIN….

Words can’t express how grateful I am that this dream of mine is also coming to fruition. I came back from Costa Rica in December with so much clarity, knowing I had to A) Make a record, and B) Take my music and women’s circles on the road. I began to plan my first solo tour out west, and cannot wait to share my stories, songs, and spirit with those of you who will cross my path. ❤ ❤

ALSO, I’m promoting this Pledge campaign, hoping I can raise the rest of the funds to finish mixing and mastering the tunes we started!!

8.29 St. Louis, MO
8.31 Norman, OK
9.01 Dallas, TX
9.02 Austin, TX
9.05 Marfa, TX
9.07 Tucson, AZ
9.09 Phoenix, AZ
9.22 Joshua Tree, CA
9.27 San Diego, CA

DETAILS RSVP ON FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/sadoehartmusic/events

I would LOVE to share a bit of my journey with you!!

Which brings me to my next point, a bonus, add-on Exclusive in my Pledge Music Store: The Postcard From The Road!!

Please comment if you will be in any of the towns I’m passin through!!

Thank you for joining me here.