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Live from Scotland DVD

The long awaited release of the DVD filmed in my Homeland country of Bonnie Scotland!

A few years ago i had the bright idea of heading to the Highlands to film my first DVD in Scotland. It saw us film the concert in front of a live audience in the iconic Tivoli Theatre in my hometown of Aberdeen. Joining me on stage; an eclectic mix of musicians including Cellist Calum Ingram, Drummer Craig Connet and Saxophonist Mike Smith. Also joining us for the finale was a group of pipers and drummers which had the house soaring with Scottish pride as we ended with a traditional Scottish song.
This DVD is something i am very proud off and if it were not for the efforts of those around me it wouldn’t have been possible.
We poured our hearts and souls into the music to deliver a heartfelt performance mixing the Blues with traditional Folk sounds and an unforgettable night.
I hope you enjoy this performance.
Big Love
ST xx


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Live from Scotland DVD Download

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Live from Scotland DVD signed & personalized by Sandi

Live from Scotland DVD signed & personalized by Sandi

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