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Video Serenade!

Hello World,

One of the extras I offered in my bundle of Pledge Music goodies was a “Saranade” where I would learn and sing a song of your choice for you and/or someone of your choosing.

I have a friend who bought the Saranade for his wife and asked me to serenade her on their anniversary, which was exciting and heart-melty and a hundred other wonderful things like that. He was kind enough to film it and let me share the goodness with you!

If you want to watch the video, here it is!

Sara Quah covering True Love Will Find You In the End, by Daniel Johnston

The reason I’m offering these additional experiences is because I actually WANT to connect with you- the people who have supported me and helped make this a reality for me. I am excited for every minute, whether that minute is selecting a book or record for you, writing you a note, or baking you a carrot cake.

Thanks to you all for every shred of love and kindness,


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