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My new album

I'm making a new album and want YOU to be a part of it!


of goal

Hey Guys!

Thanks for checking out my PledgeMusic page! I’m teaming up with producer/engineer Brett Bullion to record my FIRST ALBUM!! Since the very beginning of my music career you have been ridiculously supportive, I want you to be a part of it.

My new friends at PledgeMusic and I have put together something really special to get you guys on board.

Here’s How It Works:

When you come aboard you will have access to exclusive content from my newest recording adventure. This includes updates on recording, sneak previews, videos and probably (definitely) some (lots) of outtakes as well. If you look below, you’ll see I’ve handpicked a variety of exclusives for you to pledge on and get involved.

Another really great thing about PledgeMusic is that 10% of the money I raise will be donated to Rock the Cause, a local charity that gives back to the community.

I can’t wait to get these songs recorded and shared with you guys!


10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Rock The Cause.

Sample Artist Tracks


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: New Album

New Album

By pledging, you’ll get my new album download as soon as it’s finished. You’ll also gain access to behind the scenes updates for the making of the new record.

New Album on CD


A physical copy of the new album, PLUS the digital download and access to Exclusive updates.

Signed CD

All gone!

For $20 you get the new album on CD signed, heck, I’ll even draw you a picture.

Exclusive T-Shirt


A limited edition hand drawn design screen printed locally on quality shirts. These are going to be bomb!

Signed Poster


Poster featuring new artwork from new album. Signed.

Custom Show Poster

Custom Show Poster
3 left

Hand drawn, high quality 8×10 prints from my 4/6/14 show with Briar Rabbit. Signed by both Stephen Grant (the designer) and myself.

Studio Polaroids

3 left

A special snapshot from the studio, signed and sent to you!

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

11 left

You pick the song, I’ll handwrite the lyrics for you. I’ll draw something nice, too.

Lost as They Come Artwork

Lost as They Come Artwork
All gone!

I hand bleached photographs to create the artwork for Lost as They Come. You will receive one of the photographs used.

Signed CD+Exclusive T-Shirt


A physical copy of the new album and a limited edition T-Shirt.

Page From Lyric Book

All gone!

A page of unseen, randomly selected lyrics torn directly from my lyric book.

Signed Book of Original Photographs

7 left

A signed photo book of images taken on film.

Your Name In The Liner Notes + Signed CD

41 left

You’re famous! A shout out to you in the liner notes and a signed CD.

Skype Uke Lesson

7 left

Ukulele Skype party! Let me show you my ways, padawan.

Savannah "Super-Fannah" Bundle


A Thank You in the liner notes, signed CD, limited edition T-Shirt and a signed poster. You deserve it!

Cover Song of Your Choice

All gone!

You name it, I sing it (within reason [let’s be honest, no one wants to hear Free Bird on ukulele.]) You’ll receive a video of my cover.

Attend the Mix Revision!

3 left

Brett has graciously invited 3 pledgers to attend the mix revision. You will be the VERY first to hear the album. NOTE: If you’re not in the Minneapolis area, traveling costs are up to you!

Signed Ukelele

1 left

I will sign and send you your own ukulele. We can jam! NOTE: Additional shipping costs will be added for pledger’s outside the US.

Acoustic House Concert

3 left

Your house, your choice of songs. I will provide a cozy evening of acoustic music. If outside the metro Minneapolis area, pledger will be responsible for additional travel/lodging expenses.

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