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Dan Chartrand

Dan Chartrand commented

Saxon is the ONLY band where I ordered from Pledge and the album arrived ON TIME and more impressive is the fact it arrived ON THE DAY OF THE RELEASE! Good job Saxon! (Cant say the same for other bands I've ordered from here...)


KLEIN ROGER commented

one special treat only available as part of this package (ultimate) whats the special treat?

Jan Oles

Jan Oles commented

I'm guessing it's the laminated, holographic and numbered golden ticket - very cool indeed!

Richard Baarspul

Richard Baarspul commented

I didn't get a laminated holographic golden ticket????

Jan Oles

Jan Oles commented

Did you order the golden ticket package? I got the golden ticket on the same day as the rest of the package, but it came seperately.

Richard Baarspul

Richard Baarspul commented

Yes I did order the Golden Ticket package and got all the other stuff....but not the golden ticket.....


KLEIN ROGER commented

got my package
but this is missing:
Further to this you’ll all get Downloads for 3 Live videos:
- Live at Montreux Jazz Festival, July 14, 2008-Miles Davis Hall
- Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, August 2, 2012
- Live at Halley Rock Club, Feb 7, 1992
See video descriptions for full track listings and further info.


KLEIN ROGER commented

sorry guys saw them now

Jacques Moser

Jacques Moser commented

SAXON rocks. Thanks for the shipping (especially the dedicated lyric sheet). Can't wait to see the band several times on tour this year

John Steenbruggen

John Steenbruggen commented

I am very pleased with the products i received. Great that it has been signed by 4 members of Saxon. I thought that only Biff would sign it.
Only the inlay book is missing in the cd. I also order the box set from Amazon and there the cd has the inlay book. Do other people have the same problem or is it just me..

Daryl Murphy

Daryl Murphy commented

I see the other comments here and I'm disappointed. I recvd. my Saxon CD expecting just Biff. I was F'n Pumped to see the band signed it!! Regardless of all signing or not. What a treat. Love the mix and songs and getting that extra surprise. Been a Saxon fan since '79 and always loved what they do. Thanks Guys!

Andy D.

Andy D. commented

A week ago I got an e-mail saying that the goods were sent out (golden package). The ticket stuff is by e-mail so no problem but when will I get the package with T-Shirt and album and surprise gift? Is there anyway to track it? Thank you.

Bernd Trauner

Bernd Trauner commented

Got the CD and Vinyl today, BUT only signed by 4 members!! is this a joke?? why is nearly no order via pledge withour problems?? ...and why is nobody answering questions here?? horrible costumer service!! :(

Artist response
Ace Trump

Ace Trump commented

Biff was the only one advertised as signing the albums. We had an opportunity to have all but Nigel come in and sign as well. So we did it as a bonus to all of you who pledged.

Runar Wadseth

Runar Wadseth commented

I got my Saxon CD yesterday signed by 4 members...but Saxon have 5 members...but it rocks :-)