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The New Album

Pre-order our new album and help us finish recording and get on the road in 2014!


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As you’ve probably already seen from the video, we need your help!!

We’ve spent all of 2013 writing and recording songs for the new album, and without blowing our own trumpet, we think it sounds great!!

However, the music industry is always full of surprises and we find ourselves currently without a record label. Do not despair though (we’re certainly not), the future is looking great, and we’re all super-excited for next year.

We’ve recorded over 45 songs for this new record and we’re honestly SO proud of everything we’ve achieved this year. We’ve done all of it off our own back, with no help or label support, using our own money. Unfortunately though, the piggy bank has run dry. :(

Here’s the scoop….

All the songs are recorded. We’re now asking for your support to mix and master the finished album, and give us some “start-up” money so we can hit the road in early 2014.

We’re already booked to play the Rock Boat cruise in February. With your help, if we can raise enough money through this campaign, we want to head right out on the road the moment that boat hits dry land!

The honest truth is that without your support we can’t move forward. If we can mix and master the record, and get on the road, then the only thing stopping us from world domination in 2014 is Nova’s “twerking” ability, but until then, we’re kind of stuck!

Hopefully you’ll see something on our list of “exclusives” that makes you want to support, but if you have any requests, or other ways you feel you can help the band please do get in touch.

We are inviting you to be a part of our band’s career. You are all the reason that have we come this far. You are the incredible people we meet at shows every night. You are the people we have written and recorded these songs for. Now we’re asking for your help to get them finished!

Lots of love

Danny, Aimee, Nova, Chris and Stu


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AccessPass: Album #2

Album #2

Pre-order our new album and receive an early download of the record before the release date. You’ll also gain access to a pledgers-only portion of the pre-order featuring special videos, mp3s, and more from the band.



CD copy of the new album.

(Postage included)

Excl. EP / Album Download Bundle


Pre-order this new album bundle and you will also receive a special EP download as well.

Just like the standard pre-order, whilst the release is as yet undecided, you will receive your download link at a time before the general public release.

Signed CD

Signed CD
66 left

A copy of the new album when it’s done, signed by the whole band!

(Postage included)

Signed Scars on 45 Drumsticks

Signed Scars on 45 Drumsticks
35 left

Specially designed Scars on 45 drumsticks featuring the band logo. Signed by the band.

Album Poster and Signed CD

227 left

A signed copy of the new album along with a special poster of the new album.

(Postage included).

Signed CD + T-Shirt

150 left

A copy of the new album when it’s finished and an SO45 T-shirt.

(Postage included)

2 VIP Tickets

All gone!

2 VIP tickets to any SO45 performance of your choice during their 2014 headlining tour. (Dates to be determined).

Package includes:
- Meet and greet with the band before the show
- Access to soundcheck
- At the show you will also receive a signed copy of the new album and t-shirt.

Personalised Handwritten Lyrics

All gone!

Have your favourite Scars on 45 song lyrics hand-written by the guy that wrote the song itself!

Danny will write out the lyrics to your favourite Scars song, along with a personalised message. Not only that, but the whole band will also sign them too! Perfect for framing for your wall.

5-A-Side Soccer Day

All gone!

Play the band at their own game!

Get some mates together and have a game of football (or soccer if you say it wrong) with the band. Try your luck against Aimee (the best player in the band), Danny (used to be good, now not so much) or Stu (he was never that good in the first place to be completely honest)!

Time and location to be decided. Needs to run alongside band’s tour schedule.

Bonus VIP Package

87 left

2 VIP tickets to a headline show of your choice. You’ll not only come to soundcheck and meet the band, but also hang out with us backstage before the show. We’ll even give you your own private show in the dressing room!

At the show you will also receive a signed copy of the new album and t-shirt.

+ digital album download

Signed SO45 Bass Drum Skin (as seen on The Tonight Show)!

Signed SO45 Bass Drum Skin (as seen on The Tonight Show)!
All gone!

The bass drum head as used on The Tonight Show when the band performed “Heart on Fire” in May 2012…. Signed by the band!

Day in the Studio

3 left

Come to the studio for a whole day and see all the magic of making this recording happen before your eyes.

Maybe see us record some vocals for a brand new song, or see one of the tracks being mixed! Who knows what will happen on that day, but you can be there!

Available in Leeds, Los Angeles or Minneapolis, time and venue TBA. You are responsible for your own transport and accommodation.

Living Room Gig

2 left

Have the band come to your very own home! We’ll play some tunes, drink tea and talk about all things British! Aimee & Danny will play an unplugged set just for you & the audience of your choice.

$1000 if along the band’s tour route. $1000 + travel and accommodation if not. Please contact customer service to submit your location to management before purchasing to determine the final pricing.

Acoustic Show

3 left

You name the place and date and Scars on 45 (all four!) will come and play an acoustic set to you and the audience of your choosing.

The band will perform a full acoustic show (including PA, mini drum set, piano) at any venue of your choice. You are free to invite anyone you wish, or even play promoter and charge for tickets!

$2000 if along the band’s Tour Route in 2014. $2000 + travel and accommodations if not. Please contact customer service to submit your location to management before purchasing to determine the final pricing.

Full-Band Show


Have the whole band come and perform at a venue of your choosing and play just for you and your invited audience.

Have the gig wherever you want, and invite whoever you want! You could even play promoter and sell tickets for the event!

$4000 if along the band’s tour schedule. $4000 + travel and accomodation if not. Please contact customer service to submit your location to management before purchasing to determine the final pricing.

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