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James Dean

James Dean commented

A day with Scott Matthews:

Home Part 1 in the Dawn.
Passing Stranger Strings Quarter in the Morning.
Passing Stranger in the Midday.
Home Part 2 in the Afternoon.
The Great Untold in the Evening.
Elsewhere in the Dusk.
Live In London in the Night.
What The Night Delivers... in the Midnight.

A palette of colors.

James Dean

James Dean commented

The Great Untold is now something real,
and Something Real
is the great untold,
thanks Scott
for told us something great, Something Real.

James Dean

James Dean commented

Congratulations Scott for the album and for little Elliott. Scott, you have now six great albums. You always divide the albums in two parts well differentiated, the first side of The Great Unhold i think stand in the top of the Mountain. It's too early, but in the first listenings i love Silence and Song To A Wallflower, i think they could be good singles, The Great Untold and Lawless Stars are impressively beautiful. I want to point the passionate Something Real, the elegant Cinnamon, the Andalusian As The Day Passes, the darkly Godnight Day and the waltz Chapters.

Thanks Scott for this piace of art, Diego.

Ricarda Wendt

Ricarda Wendt commented

Thank you so much for the early downloads - had not expected to be able to listen to your new songs before July. Thank you from Hamburg!

brian henry

brian henry commented

On my second listen now - beautiful work again. Hope to see you in Edinburgh. Well done!

Martin Sheridan

Martin Sheridan commented

Hey Scott, Just hear 'Cinnamon' this morning, great way to start the day, beautiful song!

Congrats on reaching 100% and everything else in your life right now, looking forward to hearing the new album & seeing you in the Sugar Club in Dublin on the 23rd May!

Happy Days!


Stephen Little

Stephen Little commented

When’s new single ? Been waiting a long time !

terence w tourangeau

terence w tourangeau commented

congrats on hitting the goal! Fantastic news!

Jose Argil

Jose Argil commented

Thank you for making music.

Eddie Adams

Eddie Adams commented

Great to meet you briefly in Oxford a while back! Looking forward to the new record as always. Hit me up if you want a guitarist in London...!