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David F Simon

David F Simon commented

it’s a rare video these days that complements, enhances and, perhaps, helps explain a song. great job.

James Slater

James Slater commented

Just purchased the CD. I wish I had more to get a signed guitar that would be nice... But Sean I love all your work and look forward to getting this newest CD...

Lauren Bennett

Lauren Bennett commented

I am so excited about the album nuts as I was for all other them. You and your music are so special to us!! We can’t wait to hear it! See you soon!!!

Lauren Bennett

Lauren Bennett commented

Not nuts!!! I meant “just as” ... well that was embarrassing ‍♀️

Don H.

Don H. commented

Hey Sean, Love Secondhand Smoke!! Can't wait for the completed album! Peace and Love

Staci Collins

Staci Collins commented

So happy you are doing this!! Can’t wait!