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This is to raise funds to release a vinyl pressing of MARKETS, an album Ruaridh recorded in Summer of last year.

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This is a commemorative release for Ruaridh Crosher (dolly foot of “sheep”) who passed away on 10th December 2016 after a year long battle with cancer, he was only 25. As a band we were still working on new material and playing gigs until only 50 days before his passing, its strange to think just how motivated and relentless his creativity was until then. I was incredibly lucky to see Ruaridh in hospital on one of his last days, one of the things we discussed was what he wanted done with the noise he had left, which brings us to our target – Ruaridh gave his blessing for a proper release of his album “MARKETS”.

Ruaridh recorded “MARKETS” in Summer 2016 under the moniker Kriemhild Gretchen while going through chemotherapy treatment, it follows the theme of the stock market crash 1929 with each track representing a notable player/bastard. It was to be part of an audiovisual performance/ritual that will hopefully happen later this year. Ruaridh was keen on getting a proper tangible pressing of it, although he can no longer be here to make vinyl/hipster jokes at this I would hope we can make copies to continue to haunting charity shops, record fairs and vinyl stores for many decades to come.

The price target is to get a limited run of 100 records with full colour artwork that he left and an insert with some photos. If the cost ends up being lower than the estimated quote I will happily return your donation or gifting it to Sarcoma UK, a charity for the rare kind of cancer Ruar had.

To raise the funds as well as being able to pre-order the vinyl with help I will be releasing some sheep stuff (live recordings, posters, CDs, banners etc.) so keep checking back if you could tolerate us as I’ll be putting up “new” material regularly.

Lots O Love
dolly mouth X

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Little Lambs (early sheep)

Little Lambs (early sheep)

studio & live material from sheep aka the Conservative Party Conference, Liposuxxxion and Slug Darts: Heirs, Hippy Killer, Clearance, Meat Works, RNA, Do.Be.Do., Elvis Party etc.

Traditional Muzak

Traditional Muzak
5 left

Handmade CD copy of Traditional Muzak by SAWNEY HA’pETH & THE SCOTTIsh HIGHLAND QUIeTUDe CLUB. A concept band formed by sheep to disrupt (successfully) the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016.

flyer bundle

flyer bundle
7 left

A random collection of flyers we made for gigs.

sheep poster

sheep poster

including no faces, A3, made to order

sheep t-shirt

sheep t-shirt

Hand airbrushed t-shirt made to order


87 left

A vinyl copy of “MARKETS” with full artwork including postage.


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Handwritten setlist by Ruaridh

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