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Dominik Luetje

Dominik Luetje commented

If I compare the handling from the MaYaN campaign with the handling from this Sirenia campaign, I would be ashamed if I would be Sirenia. I'll be attending the concert at the 28. of february and ask the band (if possible) what went wrong, if the pledge isn't complete 'till then...

David Tatnall

David Tatnall commented

I will be asking for a FULL REFUND in the new year. This is NOT the way to treat loyal fans who actually helped to get the album made in the first place. Disgraceful.

Jan Splett

Jan Splett commented

Hey guys,

Do you need a pen? I could manage to send you one...

I don't really see any reason for this taking so long.

David Tatnall

David Tatnall commented

Now 8 weeks since album release. Still NOTHING. The LP I ordered isn't even a signed one. This is ridiculous. SORT IT OUT!

Karel Novosad Švagera

Karel Novosad Švagera commented

once again, in another stores this vinyl is in stock, sorry for that, but can i cancel my order here and order in different place? It is not normal

Karel Novosad Švagera

Karel Novosad Švagera commented

it is more that 1 month after release of this album and still nothing about my package. Is it normal?
Thank you

David Tatnall

David Tatnall commented

It's now 4 weeks since the album release and although I paid in March I have nothing. Not good.

Sam Lewis

Sam Lewis commented

When are the CDs going to be posted? The album has been out in shops for a while now!

Carlo Bozz

Carlo Bozz commented

i have ordered the album in may. is not arrived yet.

sylvain Mathey

sylvain Mathey commented

now it s fixed thanks