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Roberto Corbelli

Roberto Corbelli commented

Hi, I finally received my items today. Anyone else is with me on the

Signed & numbered Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Nikki Sixx
Signed & numbered art print of the cover, signed by David Mack

just signed but not numbered??!!

Alyssa Campbell

Alyssa Campbell commented

The person I bought mine for said the graphic novel is full of typos.

Bernie Mangiboyat

Bernie Mangiboyat commented

Got mine and it’s awesome. It could’ve been packaged a little better, but I’m happy with it. It’s NOT a signed sticker for sure!!! My autograph is BIG!!!

Kevin king

Kevin king commented

This is getting stupid ordered in aug 2017..and the "signed book" is just a sticker I've been reading people say? What the hell does that even mean anybody? Extra much for nothing I'm assuming

Susan Stanisic

Susan Stanisic commented

I sent an instant message to PledgeMusic on FB..... got a very quick response that they "have seen the product" and that it "will be worth the wait". I ordered and paid in August, 2017 for the signed, graphic novel.....

Skyla Mangine

Skyla Mangine commented

Has anyone received a email confirmation of the unsigned graphic novel being shipped out yet? Because some fans are here said they have received a confirmation this week but I didn't.

Liah Poole

Liah Poole commented

We have all seen the Nikki has these f*cking books, its about time he sits down and actually signs them instead of f*cking around so we can get them!! its been 10 months... if I do not have my book before August I want a full refund!

Liz Danilow

Liz Danilow commented

lol ordered the graphic novel (unsigned) in August 2017, It's now 5 days away until June 2018 and nothing. not even the stupid magazine they said they would send. Don't waste your time with this site, Amazon has the same exact product for $38. Bogus as fuck.

Laurie Badini

Laurie Badini commented

i received my order from Amazon yesterday but have not received any word from pledge music about my order with them. i think its time to cancel.

Jon Wilson Isaac

Jon Wilson Isaac commented

I thou know ht this would be a good place to order music but the low budget companies thatvi ordered from are way faster and better than this company... this ridiculous how long we have to wait and they already have the money for the purchases

Craig Czyz

Craig Czyz commented

Received by $365.00 Dlx "very limited" band signed vinyl package. And guess what...yeah..not signed. So i basically have a $365.00 record.