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The Heroin Diaries Graphic Novel Status

We are so excited with the anticipation of releasing The Heroin Diaries graphic novel. As you are all well aware, there have been a number of bumps in the road and unfortunately we’ve hit another....
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Deluxe Vinyl & Standard Novel Update

We understand a number of you have still not received your Deluxe Vinyl signed & unsigned orders, as well as your standard novel orders. A good number of this product arrived at the warehouse damag...
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Graphic Novels Update

Hi guys- We’re doing our best to get you as much information as possible, but as you can imagine there are a lot of moving parts. The printing and production of these novels can take quite ...
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Latest Order Status Update

Hi guys- The Heroin Diaries book have arrived at the shipping warehouse. Signed Heroin Diaries books will arrive at the warehouse by Friday. Signed CD and Signed DVD booklets will arrive ...