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Randall Prentice

Randall Prentice commented

Thank you to the project. I got an email with links to download and all is good.

Martijn Kluizenaar

Martijn Kluizenaar commented

I have asked several times for a downloadlink for part I of the bundle (only part II is downloadable). No reaction. I'm starting to doubt if the people behind this pledge take their job seriously. I'm disappointed.

James Unwin

James Unwin commented

There have been no updates since July, and the fulfillment date for shipment was three weeks ago. I don't mind the fulfillment date being put back, but I think it would be reasonable to update pledgers with the new date, and what is happening?

Claus Oexle

Claus Oexle commented

exactly my sentiments!

Mark Smith

Mark Smith commented

I still have not received a copy in mid December 2015. Perhaps an email update of when the project will really be finished would help alleviate worried pledgers?

Mark Wilkin

Mark Wilkin commented

I ordered a download bundle. Why haven't i been sent a download link?

Jacky DeBonis

Jacky DeBonis commented

When will the CD be shipped out? The original order date says will be fulfilled by end Nov but no sign of it yet.

Matt Lydon

Matt Lydon commented

CD's are currently being manufactured and will be shipping later this month, according to the artist team.

Michael J. Cookson-Taylor

Michael J. Cookson-Taylor commented

When does the cd and t shirt get shipped out, please ?

Matt Lydon

Matt Lydon commented

They are currently in production and will ship later this month, according to the artist team.

Jörg Hauf

Jörg Hauf commented

Hi, following the downloadlink I was sent, the following message appears (in German): "You have no access to the downloads of this project. Please make sure that you are registrated with an account that has a valid pledge for this project."
However, this message has been occurring ever since I have been trying access the downloads This is why I left the comment in the first place.
Do you think you can probably help me further with this issue?

Thank you very much in advance.

Jörg Hauf

Jörg Hauf commented

Hallo, wie komme ich bitte an einen Download link für das bezahlte "The Art of Peace"- MP3 download bundle?
Gruß, Jörg