AccessPass Update

December update

Woah, time passes… Still no album so far (sorry!), but it’s been a productive year otherwise… In preparation for a trip to meet the algorave+tidal community in Japan, I got distracted on a fairly ...

Feedforward update

Dearest backers,

Last update I shared news of my Playgrounds residency, and how I was using the opportunity to push Spicule forward by getting my feedforward editor running smoothly. The plan was to use it with fifty 10 year olds. In the end there were sixty 8 year olds, just an hour each with each group of eight to teach them live coding with Tidal and record a performance. This somehow worked out really well, as did doing a live performance with three older children. The latter group were really helpful in testing feedforward in practice sessions, it’s now solid and I’m using it myself in all my performances. You can read a bit more about what we got up to on my blog:

We didn’t use pi zeros in the end (I needed to network them so used pi 2s), but nonetheless have put a lot of work into optimising, and tidal, feedforward and dirt are now running pretty smoothly on the live coding devices.

By the way I haven’t forgotten the other perks, including the Peak Cut EPs – and stickers, tshirts, pattern reels and so on still to be sent out. On the physical side, everything is made, once I can get the LCDs done and Peak Cut EP it’ll all happen!

This has been a complex project, some are supporting it to help free/open source development along, others to get hold of the perks, some even to hear some music… Hope to have you all satisfied soon! After that my plan is to focus on finally releasing Tidal itself properly, and working on a video series about it with some fine collaborators.

Another thing I’m doing, spurred by a cultural exchange between live coders in Yorkshire and Tokyo, is the TOPLAP Moot, a mini-livecoding festival, including (of course) a big ol’ Algorave. Join us if you can!

+ as ever, thanks for your support and patience!

take care

Getting there..

Hi all,

Sorry it’s been a while, here’s another update! Deciding to make a new text editor wasn’t a great idea in terms of getting this shipped… But I’m getting happier with it, and have been beta testing it with some 11 year olds as part of an ‘algorithmic drumming circle’ project I’m doing. They were making music together immediately and are doing a performance with it in Sheffield in early July as part of the Playgrounds exhibition. It’ll also involve an installation with the same system made with ~50 younger kids. This is all great impetus in getting the Live Coding Devices rock solid and ready to ship!

For those who didn’t back the live coding device, if you have a raspberry pi I’ll be making a downloadable image available if you want to get tidal on there.

Thanks again for your incredible patience. More soon!


Feedforward editor progress

Hi again!

I’ve been making some progress with the new ‘feedforward’ editor I mentioned in my last update, I wrote a bit about it here:

here’s a quick video demo of the latest version:

An earlier version had much more impressive VU meters, but it was just too distracting. The more toned down version above is a lot more practical.

[I did a lot of the work on this editor while sitting on my sofa. Not recommended – now I have a repetitive strain injury. Not to worry, based on prior experience I just need to remember to use the muscles in my back (and not put all the stress on my shoulders+therefore arms), sit in a proper chair and take plenty breaks to stretch.]

I’ve got a solo performance in Aberdeen at Sonada festival on Friday, I’m pretty confident that I’ll have feedforward at a stage where it’s ready for that… Then time to go down in the studio to record some music…


Hello February

Ok February is here, slightly scary that it’s day 7 already but I already got somewhere with Spicule.

I’ve updated the live coding device with the latest version of Tidal, it seems to be holding up nicely so far with up to around 64 kick drums per second… I have some ideas for optimising things further though. It’d be great to make the little Pi Zero inside the live coding device really scream…

I also decided to bite the bullet and make a special text editor for it. The previous plan was to have a web interface, that’s still the plan but it’s a bit limiting as it means you have to have a laptop or something to actually use the live coding device. So with your feedback on the idea I decided to have the option of editing code directly on the device as well.

I could do this with an old school editor like emacs or vi, but neither are really made for live coding… So I decided to make my own. A day later and it’s already working, at ‘gabba zero’ already:

It doesn’t look super exciting but there are huge possibilities for this. But for now I need to try to focus on making some music with it. I’ve been talking with the guys from a lovely band called Blood Sport about their plans for a ‘tidal samplepack’ for a while, and that project is nearing completion as well… So first up I’m going to finish off a remix I was doing with that.

More soon, cheeers!