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I got my Stills & Collins autographed LP today and it is beautiful! Lovely packaging including a fantastic double sided poster with song lyrics as well. Wonderful large and clear signatures really make this extra special. I love it. Thank you so much Stephen Stills and Judy Collins for offering this special opportunity for your fans. Thank you also to for providing it. I couldn't be more pleased.

Clint Parker

Clint Parker commented

Received the autographed lp today. Very nice signatures!

Only complaint is the glue that vinyl label was printed on is bubbled up on the A-side.

Joseph W Robson

Joseph W Robson commented

Wow, I just Posted a question the other day, and not only did I get a answer, The question posed is NOT even in the discussion panel ?? WTH...? So, I will ASK again. When in LATE November are We to expect the Autographed VINYL LP's ???



I came here to get an update as well. Anxiously awaiting my LP. :) According to Amazon the LP's release date is December 1, 2017. Hopefully we'll get ours at that time.

Jim Nance

Jim Nance commented

does anyone have the poster dimensions - would like to start making frame - thanks



The poster is 22x28 inches. It is made of beautiful thick paper with the tour dates listed on the bottom and beautiful large autographs! Love it!

david mcanulty

david mcanulty commented

Pretty frustrated with PledgeMusic on this one. Paid my $35 for signed CD. Mine arrived damaged and unplayable but I get no response. Also, can't access AllAccess to download. What gives? (Love Stills & Collins, though!)



Mine wouldn't play either. I gave up and purchased from ITunes!

But I'm happy with the autographed cover. Love Stills and Collins too.

Catherine S Walters

Catherine S Walters commented

Sensational concert! (Saw them in Greensburgh, PA.) Found it to be bittersweet & emotional.


Jane commented

will there be downloads choices with the merch?

Guy Giarrizzo

Guy Giarrizzo commented

Two great artists together at last! So looking forward to the new album! Hope to see you play in New York City?

Diana Gregory

Diana Gregory commented

I sincerely hope 2 things - 1, a concert up here in the SF Bay Area (I mean like one of the Fox theaters, GAMH, or Oracle Coliseum); and 2, someone please film one of the concerts and put out a DVD. This is a concert I have looked forward to for 50 years - having been a fan of both and really psyched when they first got together. I am so glad that this has finally happened.

NEMO Cookfan

NEMO Cookfan commented

Saw Judy in concert in Feb- just amazing. If you can get to a show, go! Her voice is as stunning & haunting as ever. #inspiring