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Full CD Artwork For Downloaders Now in PDF Format!

Here it is folks…all the photos, lyrics, credits, personnel and arty design by the multi-talented Rich Jones! The download is attached in this update, just below the photo of me in the studio. En...
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Hanoi Rocks My Album! Sami Yaffa & Michael Monroe....

It’s a pity that I have no video footage of these legendary Finns laying down their tracks on The Steve Conte NYC Album. Sorry, but these photos will have to suffice.

What’s my connection w/ them? Well…I’ve been sharing the stage & studio with the Yaffa-man since 2004 when he joined New York Dolls…and in 2010, I joined up with him once again in the Michael Monroe band. He’s absolutely one of the most solid rock bass players I’ve ever played with!!

Michael and I were both signed to Mercury Records around the same time – my band Company Of Wolves released our eponymous debut album just after the label put out MM’s solo debut , “Not Fakin’ It”. When I first heard “Dead, Jail, Rock And Roll” I thought, “This guy is a bad-ass!” – and what a trip that now I’m writing songs and playing guitar with him.

Sami rocks the bass on the album’s opening track “Dark In The Spotlight” whilst Michael honks his horn on “Lady Luck” – the Glam-Rock summit with Sylvain Sylvain of New York Dolls, Dennis Dunaway of Alice Cooper & the mouthpiece of Hanoi Rocks, Mr Monroe himself!

If you want to hear these tracks and don’t have the album yet you can still download it until January 18th – for just $10 – click here:


Happy New Year!


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Michael & Sami in the studio…

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New York Rocks…

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Michael w/ his Baritone sax/

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Checking the Yaffa-mix

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Yup, we bad.

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Bari was a nice idea but we used tenor sax in the end…

Final Day: All Exclusives NOW Sent To Pledgers!!

Well folks, that’s it…the last of the exclusives went out in the mail today!

Now all CDs, Signed CDs, Handwritten Lyrics, Custom Recorded Songs, Guitar Strings, Phone Calls, Clothing Items and House Concerts are either in your possession, have been set up or are on the way to you!!

Please feel free to make a post on my Steve Conte NYC Facebook music page – https://www.facebook.com/SteveConteNYC – and tell us how you feel about what you’ve received! (you can also tweet it to @SteveConteNYC on Twitter)

I want to thank you again so much everyone for being involved in this experience with me. It was unforgettable and it really showed me how good music (my music!) can move people to help bring a project like this to life!!

I truly hope you are all happy with The Steve Conte NYC Album – it’s because of you that you are able to listen to this music – remember that, and give yourself a big pat on the back!

And it’s not over yet.

As you may have read, the time period to get the digital download of the album has been extended (due to the late start of the project) until January 18!

So if you still need to buy that last minute holiday gift for someone there’s an option to send it as a “gift” after you click the yellow “Pledge Now” button on my page here (scroll down to the screenshot at the bottom of this update…and see a few new photos! )

Again, many thanks and I’ll see you down the road…..


Steve Conte * NYC

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Recording an acoustic guitar from the 1800s on “Dark In The Spotlight”

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Pledge Gift page screenshot

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Recording “Broken Spoke Saloon” vocal w/ an amazing microphone collection at Atomic Sound in Brooklyn

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Another Blue moment…