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Suncharmer Singles

Help us reach our target to record 3 new singles...


of goal

Hello you gorgeous pledgers,

We’re aiming to record three new singles and release them as high quality as possible. So far we have raised around £750 ourselves but are looking for that little bit extra to push it forward and give you the best possible recordings we can create. To raise this money we are offering all kinds of Suncharmer goodies such as merch bundles, a handwritten lyric sheet of your choice and exclusive bonus tracks. We’re even offering to make you a lovely cup of tea.

We appreciate you getting involved!

Love from,

Suncharmer x


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AccessPass: Pre-release Single Downloads

Pre-release Single Downloads

Before each single is officially released across various streaming platforms, you can get your hands on each digital download before anyone else for just £3. Bargain.

Single + Bonus Track Downloads


For £6 you will not only get all 3 singles, you will also get 3 exclusive bonus tracks that will not be available via anywhere else.

Pledge Video Blooper Reel


A collection of blooper videos from our filming of the Pledge Campaign Video. There’s a lot of them…

CD of Suncharmer Demos

46 left

A CD of all previous Suncharmer demos including live versions and rough mixes.

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

28 left

Here’s your opportunity to own something totally unique. For £15 you can have a handwritten lyric sheet of any Suncharmer song with a personal thanks from each band member.

Standard Merch Bundle

6 left

Standard Merch bundle includes:
A5 Poster
Glitter Pot
Handwritten Lyric Sheet

T-Shirt sizes vary and some are limited. Message us or comment any specifics.

Deluxe Merch Bundle

2 left

Deluxe Merch Bundle includes:
Signed A5 Poster
A3 Poster
Glitter Pot x2
Handwritten Lyric Sheet
CD of Bonus Tracks
CD of Suncharmer Demos
Pledge Video Blooper Reel

T-Shirt sizes vary and some are limited. Message us or comment any specifics.

Personal Visit and The Best Cup of Tea You'll Ever Have


We’ll pop round for a personal thankyou and we’ll bring a selection of delicious brews and biscuits for you to enjoy with us.

Signed Drumsticks and Guitar Picks

All gone!

You’ll receive a signed piece of gear from each band member including drum sticks and guitar picks.

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