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Ellexis Fletcher

Ellexis Fletcher commented

Wow Teddy! How "God's Gift to the World" with Carl Anderson stirred my heart, as I know it does your own! I know how you miss him from our conversation, and what a treasure to hear him again! God's very best to you and your lovely family during this Holy season of celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus! I'm so thankful I was able to be a part of this here. Ellexis...

Joan Duarte Gonzalez

Joan Duarte Gonzalez commented

I ordered the "Superstars" DVD. I think the "Access Pass" to download the "Rock opera" Digital release is included in the $34 price.
When the pledgers will be able to download that release?

Jessica Ulmer

Jessica Ulmer commented

Just ordered a reunion DVD!! Looking forward to watching it!!

Alan Caylow

Alan Caylow commented

Hello Ted! I saw you twice on the JCS tour in 2000, and the first time was with our dear Carl, rest his soul. I am a longtime fan of JCS and of course of your wonderful portrayal of Jesus in both the film and the stageshow. I just made my pledge. Thank you for all the joy you have brought me over the years with your portrayal of Jesus in JCS, my all-time favorite musical. God bless you, sir! :-)

Alan Caylow

Alan Caylow commented

Actually, I think the tour I saw you on with Carl was in 1995 or thereabouts! What a fantastic show Ted, I'll never forget it. ;-)

Lisa Vinglish

Lisa Vinglish commented

Just pledged $25, I loved seeing you in Pittsburgh PA