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Watching the Nighttime Come

Suz Slezak of David Wax Museum has a new solo album of lullabies for little ones and their parents!



Please note: Orders following the Feb. 10 release date will be mailed within 3-5 days from date of your order.

Watching the Nighttime Come was born out of a desire to bring music to her close friends who were young parents. Several years ago, Suz felt inspired to record a small collection of lullabies to give at baby showers, since this felt like the most natural and personal gift from a musician. These handmade CD’s were passed around amongst her friends and became so popular that eventually Suz couldn’t keep up with the demand. She was copying them one by one on her laptop computer and cutting out each hand-painted album cover. Instead of trying to mass-produce this homemade collection, it seemed like the perfect time for Suz to go into the studio herself and professionally record a solo album. It was conceived as a nocturnal serenade, not only for sleepy (and not so sleepy) children, but also as a compelling collection for parents to enjoy while attending to offspring bedtime duties.

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AccessPass: Suz's New Solo Lullaby Album Download

Suz's New Solo Lullaby Album Download

Watching the Nighttime Come is the new full length solo album from David Wax Museum vocalist and fiddle player Suz Slezak. You’ll get a full-album download before it’s available anywhere else.

Watching the Nighttime Come on CD (signed)

Watching the Nighttime Come on CD (signed)
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Get “Watching the Nighttime Come” on CD, signed by Suz.

Place your order by 5pm on Dec 15 to receive your CD in time for the holidays.

Includes a download of the album as well.

Hand-Calligraphied Lyrics

Hand-Calligraphied Lyrics
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Hand-calligraphied lyrics from one of the songs on the lullaby album, designed and scripted by Suz

Your Very Own Virtual Lullaby from Suz

Your Very Own Virtual Lullaby from Suz
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Skype or FaceTime with Suz and she’ll sing you two of your favorite lullabies off her album. When else can you wear your pjs and get a personal serenade?

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