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New Music Video Funding

Thank you all so much for making all of this possible! For our next music video, we need YOUR help!

Back in the day, we made it through the studio and back to the stage. Many thanks go out to our fans, friends and followers!
Now it is time to bring up one last special music video of our debut album “Run The Risk Of Winning” before moving on and for that,
we need YOUR help once more! Everyone to spend money on us and our project will receive very special items, locked to all other audiences and fans!


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AccessPass: Best-Of Sven Humm Band LIVE

Best-Of Sven Humm Band LIVE

Get new free tracks by Sven Humm! Simply Sign up, Follow, or Facebook share Sven Humm. Even more special content is ready and waiting for you!

Run The Risk Of Winning

Run The Risk Of Winning
100 left

Here goes our Debut Album! 12 tracks are waiting for you, including the hits “Melanie”, “Things One Shouldn’t Know” and “What Goes Around Comes Back Around”!

Box of Pictures & Videos

Box of Pictures & Videos
100 left

Get a even more intimate glimpse into the world of Sven Humm and his band! This pack features different videos and pictures, exclusive to you!

Fan Of The Year Bundle

Fan Of The Year Bundle
100 left

This bundle contains our album “Run The Risk Of Winning”, a poster, a postcard, a signature and a mystery item!

Run The Risk Of Winning USB

100 left

Get our Album “Run The Risk Of Winning” on a portable USB-device! Access it quicker and use it everywhere! The additional space also makes a practical addition to your gear!

Signed Set List & more Live Material

Signed Set List & more Live Material
25 left

From a recent show, the songs that were played, right from the stage and signed. Also includes pictures from the given gig and, if available, a bootleg!

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