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One. Week.

Hello dear friends and family! Man. It’s been quite a journey. Launching the Pledge campaign this time last year, writing these songs that have become so dear to us, finding an amazing production ...
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Tear Us Apart – Official Video

Tear Us Apart came to us like a burst of light. While in the studio, we chose sounds that resonated just as brilliant and colorful: the horns, the gospel choir singing the ‘la-las.’ When we closed ...

First Listen: Tear Us Apart

Dear Pledgers,

It is with great pleasure that we share with you “Tear us Apart,” the first single off The Sound of Letting Go. I’m beaming with pride thinking of the way this song came together. You should see the big ole’ smile on my face right now.

Listen to it here, streaming exclusively at Paste.com.

“Tear us Apart” came to me like a burst of light. Incredibly brilliant and seemingly out of nowhere, but like it was always hiding somewhere, waiting for the right moment to appear. You can’t imagine how good it feels to share this finished track.

We are swimming in gratitude to you, sweet friends. Thank you so much for your continued support and for helping us to bring this song to life.


Kari (Adam and Shaun right next to me)

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"Tear Us Apart" Announce

Dear Friends, We are so pleased to announce that the first single from The Sound of Letting Go will be Tear Us Apart. You may remember the acoustic version from our Pledge video ;) It’s been one ...
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Easier to Do

Dear Sweet Pledgers! Because of your generosity in helping us reach our goal here on Pledge, we’ve been able to expand our little team. The Sound of Letting Go now has a few new partners to help u...