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Pledge RIP (Off)

Sad to say, as you and I suspected, it looks like Pledge has gone bust. This means I’m never going to get the funds that they collected through your generous support. What they did with the dosh is anybody’s guess!!

I’ve worried for the last few months that this might be the final outcome but I was still getting encouraging messages from Pledge which made me hang in with a last little bit of hope.

I’m severely out of pocket from this and, as if that wasn’t bad enough, also put in my own money to TMTCH pledge campaign to help with that as Pledge had promised I would get it all back in April. That never happened of course! Luckily for our followers TMTCH Pledge campaign had been fulfilled by the time the shit hit the fan which means the album was already recorded and everyone that Pledged got their stuff.

Not the case with my solo Uke Town campaign though. I had hit 140% of target and started recording the album by the time things started looking seriously rocky. I’ll never see a penny of the money you raised …

Some people have spoken to their credit card company and managed to get some money back via the Credit Card refund scheme. I encourage anyone with experience of this credit card refund process to post advice below to help others make a claim.

Someone that had paid directly from their bank account (not credit card) told me that the bank were very understanding about the situation and it just took them awhile to go through their systems to get the refund. His advice is to try with their banks/ card companies but talk to a real person as that way they will be more understanding about what has happened.

Now I’m trying to rebuild my album budget through gigs and am using the wonderful online shop Bandcamp to try and raise enough money to finish the project, I’ve still got a way to go and it’ll be a bit of a struggle but please be patient. Today I am downloading all the info from the Pledge site while it’s still active and I’ll make sure that everyone gets what they have ordered …if you want to also order the demo album/Tshirt (or anything) through Bandcamp that would be GREAT.

Here’s a link:

The people that I know that have managed to get refunds from their credit cards and bank have kindly recycled that into my Bandcamp page which is amazing!

Pledge has shafted the lot of us and, for something that was set up on trust of fans and bands. It’s really sickening. But the support and words of encouragement and understanding I’ve received from you has been truly inspiring. Now I better get on and make this record!


Here’s some more info:


Ride On - Phil Odgers

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