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Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down

We need some good news don’t we! Well this ain’t bad…. a lot of people getting in touch this week via Bandcamp and telling me their bank or credit card companies have now refunded the money they lost through Pledge Music. There seems to have been so many claims that this is now on the radar of several high street banks. If you Pledged on my campaign (or anyone else’s) and didn’t receive what you ordered due to the enormous incompetence of Pledge Music then chase your bank now and don’t give up.

And the good news for me is that many of you are getting refunds and then reordering Uke Town etc through Bandcamp – which is fantastic. I didn’t expect this but it’s great it’s happening. You fine and handsome people!!! I’m back on track and will start recording the rest of the album over the next couple of months and Uke Town will see the light of day…

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