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Pledge for a brand new and exclusive Sylosis package featuring a new track, UK & US tour footage and studio documentary!

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We’re here to give you some very exciting news. As some of you may know, we’re gearing up for our first US tour and we’ve decided to do something slightly different in the run up to it. As a way of saying thank you for your continued support we’re offering a range of never-before-seen items and experiences.

We’ve teamed up with PledgeMusic to give you the opportunity to pre-order a brand new digital package. Plus a variety of other unusual items such as our latest album on signed CD or even a signed guitar. You’ll be able to get various unique pieces of merchandise and there’s even the chance to attend any headline gigs we play in America on a V.I.P basis.

“The Pledge campaign allows us more independence in our career especially in the American market. The cost of touring in the US is a huge expense for the UK bands with visa applications, flights and rental gear. Instead of going straight to our label and becoming heavily in debt we wanted to work with our fans and have them help bring us over” – Josh Middleton

Whatever you chose from the list of items on the right hand side, you’ll get the digital package featuring a brand new Sylosis song, the elusive Death – Symoblic cover, and ‘making of’ featurette video plus exclusive tour footage from the most recent UK and US tours. Once we’ve reached our minimum requirement of pledges, your cards will be charged and then when the campaign ends all of the items will be sent out to you.

As this campaign is to promote the US tour we’ve decided to offer everything in American dollars! This doesn’t mean it’s exclusively for our US fans though. Any of our fans from any country in the world can buy each of these items, if they so wish, and they will be charged in their respective currencies.

Not only that but throughout the campaign you’ll also get free access to our ‘Pledgers Only’ backstage area here on PledgeMusic where we will give you access to a load of extra stuff for free, such as guitar lessons, drum lessons, video blogs, exclusive media and the never before seen ‘A Serpent’s Tongue’ video.

So, as you can see, there’s so many great reasons to be involved.

Josh, Carl, Bailey and Rob



AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: Digital Package Download

Digital Package Download

• Exclusive new track
• ‘Death – Symbolic’ cover song
• Behind the scenes UK tour footage
• American tour video
• ‘A Serpent’s Tongue’ video exclusive

Signed Poster

Signed Poster
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'Edge of the Earth' CD

'Edge of the Earth' CD
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‘Edge of the Earth’ CD

Exclusive Sylosis ‘Stag' T-Shirt

Exclusive Sylosis ‘Stag' T-Shirt
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Exclusive ‘Stag T-Shirt’

Signed 'Edge of The Earth' CD

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‘Edge of The Earth’ on signed CD

Signed ‘Edge of the Earth’ CD + T-Shirt

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Signed ‘Edge of the Earth’ CD + T-Shirt

Hand sketched artwork by Josh Middleton

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Hand sketched artwork by Josh Middleton

Signed Kramer 'Striker' Guitar

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