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Jim Wintermyre

Jim Wintermyre commented

Enjoying the music! However, it seems that the MP3's are all in mono. Is this intentional? I mean, they sound great in mono... I just imagine they'd be even more amazing in stereo! :)

Han Van de Braak

Han Van de Braak commented

Alison Burns what an amazing voice you have! Of couse Martin is amazing but this I knew already... Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.

Maurício MI

Maurício MI commented

It`s excelent! Thank you very much!

A K Colson

A K Colson commented

My wife has just got home from school and we played the sample tracks, just gorgeous, thanks guys, can't wait to play the full version. Hmm smell the mulled wine! Anyone for mince pies?

Mr P Yorke

Mr P Yorke commented

It'll be great to have musically have you round for Christmas. (I'm hoping "In The Bleak Midwinter" or some carols might be on it, but guess it's more American swingy.)

Duncan Lorimer

Duncan Lorimer commented

thanks a lot Martin and Alison - really looking forward to hearing the new record!