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Just for my pledgers....

So many of you asked for this song, so here’s an unreleased recording of it, just for you. Love Terra


Hey guys!

So, as you are probably aware, the album is out there in the world, on iTunes, Amazon, everywhere…..

Thank you for making this possible. I’m so excited and the response from people who have already purchased the album has been fantastic. We have over 15,000 views of the new video, just in the first day. Word will continue to spread, more people will hear about and buy the album, and all of this would not have been happened without your support.

Now that the album is available worldwide, there are things we can do to help with its success. Please send the links to everyone you know -- it’s your album, too -- you guys all helped create it! Every success is not only my success, but yours. We did this together! Now let’s tell the world to check it out!

Also, and this one is really important, PLEASE write reviews on iTunes and Amazon. It helps a lot!





Please encourage people to come out to the LA and NYC release shows.
Hotel Cafe June 25th @ 8:30pm
Rockwood Music Hall July 6th @ 8pm

Thank you for your continued support!!!
And check the updates again, in a few minutes, for something very special, just for Pledgers.

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The CDs are here!!!

AccessPass Update

A song in the middle of the night

Just wrote this. Recorded a quick demo. Figured I’d share it with you guys! I’ll upload the rest of the album soon, too. xoxox Terra :) Oh -- I think it’s called “Nothing to Hide.” Or “Nothi...
AccessPass Update

Far from over....

Hey guys -- just wanted to check in with you and let you know that you might have the album, but this is not over yet! I’m going to continue to check in with you, share things that are for your eye...
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