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Jeff Holbert

Jeff Holbert commented

I have not received my package as of yesterday's mail. Please let me know if there is an issue with getting it sent.
Thank you

Chantelle Zilkowsky

Chantelle Zilkowsky commented

So disappointed when I ordered 3 mystery boxes at different times, they all arrived at the same time with all the same contents, and nothing special all fan club trinkets. I emailed regarding this and no one has contacted me back. These were something I was really looking forward to getting and instead I feel pretty upset.

James Marlowe

James Marlowe commented

Received my autographed CD thank you very much - enjoying the music on the cd. Looking forward to you next project

Reto Heiz

Reto Heiz commented

Just received the autographed cd, but when will the hatch show print be shipped?

Michelle Bertolini

Michelle Bertolini commented

Any idea when the Guitars are coming. Just asking, waiting patiently.

Lynn Drexler

Lynn Drexler commented

Multiple pledger here...really disappoint in the mystery was hat brat club stuff (which i already had and they stuff from Terri Fan club party items, which again i had......then got my cd and it wasn't autografted....really disappointed.....

Karen Becotte

Karen Becotte commented

Lynn I had the same thing happened since I pledge 2 boxes I received the same thing in both boxes and they where taped together for shipping, I received a response from pledge music which was oh sorry that should not have happened but oh well. Good thing I would help Terri but will never back another artist on pledge music again.

Barbara Jo Gallagher

Barbara Jo Gallagher commented

Terri Clark Im probably one of your biggest Lesbian fans you remind me of an ex girlfriend very adorable and might I say gorgeous like your self I love the way you dress and I never saw you in concert butt I looked at your videos I love the way you sing,your a great singer love your music.Would love to go to one of your concerts butt Im one of the people out there that have been unemployed for like three years.When I was let go from my job everything happened lost my job ,lost my truck,lost my dog ,one of my friends said I sound like a country western song hahaha .Anyways hopeing everyday I will get a phone call from some Hospital I applied at Im an anesthesia tech in surgery .So I always wish something good will happen to me regarding employment I would love to have one of your C D s one day I totally enjoy watching your videos you look like a fun and neat chick anyways keep on trucking Terri love ya my friend oh yes and you do put a smile on my face Always Barb Gallagher

Trisha Baker

Trisha Baker commented

Got my autograph cd today love it!