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the anatomy of melancholy - [download]

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of goal

Ian Pace is a phenomenal pianist; a man whose musicality and intellect I have admired for many years. I have heard him fearlessly play some of the most challenging music of our time with huge flair, passion, insight and musicality.

I’ve been writing piano music since 1997 and over the years have built up a substantial catalogue of works, many of them hugely ambitious and virtuosic beyond normal pianistic expectations. I have dedicated many of these pieces to prominent international pianists but across the years, due to a number of factors mainly around the music’s enormous challenges, only a tiny handful of the pieces [often the least frightening and shortest of them] have been performed live and none recorded. I certainly haven’t set out to write piano music that most pianists dread!

Now, for the first time in this amazing collaboration with Ian Pace I have found a pianist who not only enjoys and can meet these challenges but actually wants to perform my work because of the very nature of the music itself.

This album will be the first recorded collection of my piano works ranging from 1997 to the present day and includes many of the works deemed too scary to play by most. Pieces on the album include:

‘the anatomy of melancholy’ [1998 c. 12 minutes],
‘enuma elis’ [2010 c.12 minutes],
‘ouroboros’ [2009/15 c.15 minutes],
‘the viciousness of circles’ [1998 c.10 minutes],
‘professor wingard’s nameless force’ [2010/15 c.7 minutes] and
‘william mumler’s spirit photography’ [2016 c.10 minutes], making well over an hour of my piano music available for the very first time.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this, not least because even I haven’t heard the majority of these pieces yet!

So that’s our story. You can be with us every step of the way as part of this unique journey simply by Pledging.

We look forward to seeing you!


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AccessPass: the anatomy of melancholy - [download]

the anatomy of melancholy - [download]

Download :: 1st. ever album of my piano music includes 6 never performed works from 1997 to 2016; 65 minutes music performed by the phenomenal Ian Pace. Available in MP3 & WAVE or click here to add a donation at checkout!



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orange afternoon [additional track + PDF]

orange afternoon [additional track + PDF]

Orange Afternoon [5 minute additional track available in MP3 or WAVE] PLUS 12 page PDF of the piano score [great for music lovers and pianists who want to play the piece] that can be viewed on a computer or mobile device and printed out via any home computer. The track is exclusively released to Pledgers & available for download at the same time as the main album. Pledgers will uniquely own this track for 12 months ahead of its general release.

exclusive signed page of piano score

exclusive signed page of piano score
23 left

A true PledgeMusic exclusive; only 27 available – EVER! An A4 size page [single face] from the printed piano score ‘ouroboros’ featured on this album, hand signed by Marc Yeats and Ian Pace, delivered to your home. Each page will be numbered and only one page available to each Pledger. [Pages will be allocated at random].

exclusive Skype one-to-one with Marc

exclusive Skype one-to-one with Marc
6 left

An exclusive opportunity for a 20 minute Skype one to one with Marc Yeats – ask any questions – nothing is out of bounds from musical matters to what I do in my spare time; from how I composer to what I watch on TV. You ask, I tell!

Complete album piano scores as PDFs

Complete album piano scores as PDFs

Download the scores to ALL 6 tracks of music on the album in PDF format – the PDFs can be viewed or printed out from your home computer and are in A4 and A3 formats – 185 pages of music in all. Use the scores for closer study as you listen to the album or perform from the sheet music if you are a pianist.

secret camera

secret camera
3 left

The pledger that buys the secret camera will get exclusive photos taken by Marc Yeats and Ian Pace at the recording sessions of the new piano album. The camera is disposable and its film will need to be developed. No one will know what images are on the camera [including us] or how they turned out. The camera and its content will become the exclusive property of the Pledger who acquires it to use however they wish!

Have your name forever immortalised on the score of 'william

Have your name forever immortalised on the score of 'william
18 left

Have your name forever immortalised on the score of ‘william mumler’s spirit photography’, a new 10 minute piano solo on the album written specially by Marc for Ian Pace. Join an exclusive group of 20 sponsors who become part of history commissioning this work. This exclusive includes having your name prominanty listed on the introductory pages of the score as well as appearing on the piece’s dedicated webpage on Additionally, Marc will hand-sign an A4 study score of the piece for each sponsor that will be delivered to your home.

score dedication

score dedication
All gone!

A totally unique opportunity to have my latest piece of piano music dedicated to you or, for you to dedicate the piece to someone special or important to you! There is only one of these dedications available. Make a little piece of history with your name or chosen person’s name being immortalised in my new 10 minute piano solo, ‘william mumler’s spirit photography’, written specially for Ian Pace.

This exclusive will involve the dedicatee’s name appearing at the top of the inside page of music notation above the title and will be inscribed ‘written for Ian Pace and dedicated to ?…..’ [see picture] as well as topping the list of sponsors names on another inside cover page of the score stating: dedicated to ?….’.

The dedication will appear in all subsequent PDFs or published versions of the score and on the piece’s dedicated webpage on

Wherever this piece goes in the world; whoever performs it, your name or the name you have chosen will be associated with the work for all to see for all time.

The dedicatee will receive a full sized printed score signed by the composer and delivered to their home.

orange afternoon [additional track]

orange afternoon [additional track]

Orange Afternoon [5 minute additional track available in MP3 or WAVE]. Exclusively released to Pledgers & available for download at the same time as the main album. Pledgers will uniquely own this track for 12 months ahead of its general release.

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