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Take On Life

Finally getting to do CHORDS UK album ..10 New toons & one's meant for that Chords 2nd album that never was .but is NOW


of goal

It’s likely that Chris Pope & The Chords UK never thought this day would come. The same goes for their fans. Thirty-five years after the acclaimed release of ‘So Far Away’ by The Chords, chief songwriter, Chris Pope is back with Chris Pope & The Chords UK (Chris Pope, Mic Stoner, Ken Cooper and Sandy Michie) who are going into the studio to record their first album “Take on Life” which includes a handful of songs that were written by Chris and meant for The Chords second album that never was. The band’s special PledgeMusic campaign will bring you behind-the-scenes of their long-awaited album with each pre-order of ‘Take On Life’ on CD or vinyl.

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AccessPass: The Chords UK - 'Take On Life' download

The Chords UK  - 'Take On Life' download

First album from The Chords UK Feat 10 New tunes by Chris Pope + One’s originally destined for The Chords 2nd album on Polydor Records back – in – the -day ..that was never too be ….But is NOW & WHICH WILL BE …. distributed to every pledger xxx

Take On Life - CD


The CHORDS UK new album “TAKE ON LIFE” available on CD.

CD + Set of 2 button Badges + Download of “Get Famous”


‘Take on Life’ CD, 2 badges and a digital download of ‘Get Famous’

Take on Life - vinyl (signed)


For the audiophile, the new record on warm-sounding vinyl and signed.

Handwritten Lyric Sheet


The Chords/Chris Pope song of your choice handwritten and signed by Chris on 180gm paper.

Take On Life - Signed CD


The CHORDS UK new album “TAKE ON LIFE” available on Signed CD.

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