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Vincent Brazil

Vincent Brazil commented

Solid pressing Scott! Thank you for your vigilance. I don't think I have another piece of wax that sounds near this good.

mica ringel

mica ringel commented

WTF: Pledge Supporters receive the "Collectors Edition" AKA "Special Edition" vinyl that is a plain black pressing BUT on Amazon you can buy the "Retail Edition" which is pressed on transparent Red & Blue coloured vinyl.

The coloured vinyl is so much cooler than the standard black pressing and I want to return my album.

This sucks. It's misrepresentation.

I only supported TCM on Pledge Music because of their promise the vinyl release was "only available here". Instead the truth the inferior black pressing is only available here and the way cooler coloured pressing is mass released on Amazon.


Marcus commented

Agreed.. But you get stickers.... :/ I read it as "only available here" otherwise I would have just waited for the general release for the same price.. Cheaper if you count shipping costs. ...and not waiting months for delays.

Vincent Brazil

Vincent Brazil commented

Black always sounds better. I'm just listening to my vinyl for the first time right now. That colored wax is not going to sound like this.

Mark Ferrell

Mark Ferrell commented

Received email with tracking # today. My double album is on the way. I have informed delivery with USPS and have confirmed it's true! Hopefully, it will have been worth the wait. Thanks!


Marcus commented

This sucks. I am still waiting on this album and Ive ALREADY saw him live this past Friday. Thst sucks as he could have signed the album for me.... If ONLY I had the album. He was inches away from me twice.. Before and after his 2 hour show in Seattle.

Chris Garza

Chris Garza commented

Me too too


Olaf commented

Received the corrected CD pressing today. The long pauses are gone.


Z commented

It's worth it, just buy it.

Nick Marchini

Nick Marchini commented

Gutted, really wanted the CD but the postage is almost as much as the CD cost! $9.30 shipping for and $11 CD.


Marcus commented

So.. You can order the single vinyl album from Amazon .. But here is the only place you can order the 2 LP?

Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony commented

What's the deal here? Can we at least get another update on when we can expect to get what we paid for?!