BIG NEWS. We are LEAVING PledgeMusic

GO TO THE NEW ALBUM PAGE HERE: https://the-dollyrots.myshopify.com/

Hello amazing fans and friends,

As you all know, we launched this Pledge campaign for the next album, our 7th studio album, this past December. The response has been AWESOME so far. In only a few short weeks we’re almost half-funded with over 700 Pledges. All thanks to YOU, the amazing people that support independent music. Anyone who’s been following our band over the past few years knows that this is how we create albums now: with the support of our fans and without the help of outside labels, management, or other music biz people. DIY or die!

However, while recording last week we were hit with the news that PledgeMusic hasn’t been paying their artists, and in some cases fans haven’t received the exclusives and music promised to them. You can read up on the situation with a quick google search. All due to mismanagement on the part of PledgeMusic’s former execs. Obviously we can’t move forward with our album project if there’s ANY doubt as to whether we’ll be able to fulfill everything we’ve promised to y’all.

So…. AND THIS IS THE SCARY PART…. despite all the support so many of you have shown for this next album we’ve decided to cancel the project and migrate to our own 100% DIY platform.

Yes, this means ALL Pledges will be cancelled when we officially hit the “cancel project” button. This will happen in the very near future.

And since no one’s cards have been charged yet we feel now is the right time to make the move. Of course, that also means we’re saying goodbye to ALL the current Pledges…. in effect erasing all the support we’ve received so far for this album. Which is really a shame, because in our hearts we truly feel it’s one of the best works we’ve ever put together.

So we’re asking you as our fans: since you’ve Pledged for this next LP, PLEASE consider joining us on the new platform. It’s the exact same exclusives, one-of-a-kind experiences, and awesome bundles. The only difference is that it’s directly through US, the band, without anyone, even a crowdsourcing platform, in the middle. And if you re-order the album you’ll also get a NEW bonus 7-song demo collection instantly :)

We tried to make the new site familiar and in some ways better. We are working on getting all of the past updates up. AND get ready for a ton of updates with all the footage and audio we’ve got coming down the pipe from writing and recording over the past couple weeks!!

Thanks so much for supporting what we do guys. It’s SUPER scary to cancel the Pledge but it’s gotta happen. We trust you’ll follow us to this album’s next home! Again, that link is https://the-dollyrots.myshopify.com/

xoxo and yikes!

The Dollyrots

PS: The new site takes PayPal, Stripe, Amazon, and regular credit card payments! Easy peasy!

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