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Luis Vázquez

Luis Vázquez commented

The new album is awesome! I just bought the digital copy and it's so cool, just £8. The Duke Spirit should sell the other albums here. I would buy all of them.

Ian Kennedy

Ian Kennedy commented

My order was supposed to have been posted 5.5.2016! I still don't have anything? £67.00 for what? I love this band, seen them loads and still will, but not sure about using the pledge music thing in the future. :(

Raymond King

Raymond King commented

I've paid for two tickets to see them in Newcastle, Paypal have taken the £30, but I haven't received them yet...will they be posted to me or do I collect them on the night???

Jason Waller

Jason Waller commented

Kinda frustrating that I can go online and steal it, but I paid over $200 in exclusives and still can't even download a copy of the album from Pledgemusic? Really don't get it at all...

Colin Davis

Colin Davis commented

I finally got mine yesterday. A bit bummed that the "Deluxe" version on CD didn't include the three tracks that are on the Deluxe version on iTunes. :/ It frustrates me when this happens as it discourages me from supporting the artist directly. (The album is lovely though -- I have listened through a couple times already!)



Has anybody outisde UK already received their stuff? I'm in Sweden and I'm still waiting for my signed vinyl. It never takes more that 10 days to get stuff from UK even standard post.

Mark Heath

Mark Heath commented

Went to see The Dukes Spirit at Pie and Vinyl in Portsmouth tonight. Absolutely loved it. I really hope they come back again.

Anne Crump

Anne Crump commented

Still waiting to receive my CD!

Colin Davis

Colin Davis commented

Still waiting on mine. You get yours yet? :(

Anne Crump

Anne Crump commented

No - Pledge are going to re ship another, I can only assume it got lost in the post.

Anne Crump

Anne Crump commented

Arrived today :)

mark oliff

mark oliff commented

Hi got the CD and vinyl today, shame you didn't let the silver ink dry before putting the next one on top of it. Luckily both of mine were not too bad and with the help of a dab of lighter fluid the smear was rectified!

Alex Gray

Alex Gray commented

Yep, my cd has four signatures, three luckily ok but Liela's is quite smudged. Poor do.

Greg Gaz

Greg Gaz commented

More songs have been released. Why can't pledgers download these?

Colin Davis

Colin Davis commented

Agreed. Sad when this kind of stuff happens.