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Bedene Gail Greenspan

Bedene Gail Greenspan commented

I am really sorry to hear that! I hope it was all just a misunderstanding and it all works out in the end.

Artist response
Paul Macklin

Paul Macklin commented

I'd love to think it was - but I'm afraid it isn't just me - - YouTube link to Danny Vaughn speaking out against Pledge.

I've sent several emails regarding the payment and nothing has come through. I have just sent them a Letter Before Action, which gives them a set amount of time to pay up before I take further action in a Small Claims Court.

I'm upset that this has been the outcome, because I think Pledge is a great idea for artists like me. And I've loved that I've been able to reach so many more people like you through it.

Sadly though, the benefit of the doubt has worn out and I can't fulfil pledges without the payment being made.

I will do my best to keep everyone in the loop going forward - but I will not allow Pledgers to go empty-handed after they've supported my art. It's not on.


Steven Sailer

Steven Sailer commented

Hi Paul,
If you are going to follow through on this, I will stay with you. Your music is excellent! Pledge has screwed us all. I have already been informed that 5 of my other orders won't be fulfilled. I have told Pledge to cancel those orders and refund the money, but it hasn't happened yet. Please tell me if I need to cancel this order too.

Artist response
Paul Macklin

Paul Macklin commented

Hi Steven,

As far as I’m concerned I believe you deserve your money back. It isn’t fair that you’ve had to wait so long to receive what you paid for.

I do intend on following through with all the incentives still, however things are quite tight financially over here at the moment. So it’s taking longer than I hoped to raise the money.

So, I would say ask Pledge for your refund, and I will still ensure that you receive your goods.

To make sure I don’t lose track of any of your details, it might be wise for you to pass over your information (postage address, what you ordered) via email to me[at]paulmacklin[dot]co[dot]uk.

I’m sincerely sorry that you’ve had to wait so long already, and I appreciate your kind words and support.