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daniel gillespie

daniel gillespie commented

Has anyone requested a refund? Or do you believe the orders will be fulfilled


PhilipBirtwistle commented

Is this still a go-er?? The news ain't promising.....

daniel gillespie

daniel gillespie commented

I see the album is available through 'off yer rocka' site for pre order - should we be looking for a refund for pledge music and ordering through this site?

Luigi Viola

Luigi Viola commented

Cannot wait for this! Quick question, for some added funds, can you offer Live In Glasgow as a digital download?

Andy Hammond

Andy Hammond commented

Can’t bloody wait for this. So hungry for some new stuff from one of my all time fave bands. I can’t think of anyone else who is so consistently releasing gem after faultless gem️

Peter Brockwell

Peter Brockwell commented

Looking forward to this. Does the vinyl come with a download of the album?


CJ commented

Yes, they're on Pledge now! What an amazing disgrace :D This should be cool : ) Always the best to the hardest working band in....hmm...that's it really, they just are. Remember the flowers from back when, 70's suit jackets, hats, ashtrays etc? Paint those leaves.

Jon Starcevich

Jon Starcevich commented

Super excited for some new music! Legends!

Jeffrey  Gaudiosi

Jeffrey Gaudiosi commented

Can we pick which song the hand written lyrics are for?