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All The Young Droogs

Pre-order the new Adicts album and be a part of the experience of making and releasing the new record!

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Hey Monkey here….

We’re making a new record, it’s called “All The Young Droogs.” But this time around, we’re doing something different…we want YOU to be involved with US, the band, as we make this happen.

For your involvement, you’ll get the record before anyone and have access to our exclusive updates with behind-the-scenes footage, as well as signed CD’s, VIP Passes, In-Store Meet-and-Greets so you can come hang out with the band. We’ll even come and play at YOUR house! Good thing about PledgeMusic is it gets YOU, the fans, closer to the band and helps us put out the best record…and with this one, it will be OUR record, you and us putting it out together.

Hope you’ll participate and have some fun with us here.

The Adicts


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: New Album

New Album

Digital download of the new album

New Album on CD

New Album on CD

The new album, “All The Young Droogs,” on CD.

Signed Photo

14 left

Signed photo of the band

Exclusive T-Shirt

19 left

Signed CD

3 left

“All the Young Droogs” on CD, personalized and signed.

Signed Vinyl

Signed Vinyl
1 left

The new album, “All the Young Droogs,” on vinyl and signed by the band.


Handwritten Lyric Sheet

All gone!

personalized and handwritten lyric sheet by Monkey. You name the song.

Deluxe Adicts Package

9 left

The signed photo, the signed CD and the new tee, for a reduced rate!

Ultimate Adicts Package

1 left

You get just about everything: the signed CD, the signed photo, the tee and the handwritten lyric sheet…with a break on the price.

SUPER VIP Experience

8 left

All-access pass to any Adicts show of your choice (transport not included) to watch sound check, hang out with the band before and after show, photo ops and souvenirs!

Day in the Studio

3 left

Spend some time in the studio with The Adicts during the recording of the album. Maybe do some backing vocals?

Monkey's Jacket

Monkey's Jacket
All gone!

Exclusive, Monkeys black and white jacket and framed picture.

Monkey's Mic Stand

Monkey's Mic Stand
All gone!

Monkey’s mike stand as used in numerous shows and still covered in crap. PLUS certificate of authenticity.

Signed Guitar

All gone!

House Concert (U.S. only)

3 left

The Adicts will roll their gear into your place for a night. Invite everyone you know! Please note: this pledge does not include travel and lodging costs. The Adicts management will contact you about further details.

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