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Brand New Album Coming April 2014

Yes, THAT Babys! You remember us....We know that you know all the lyrics to the hits! Join Us!


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Hello Babys Fans!

We have been hard at work in the studio recording our first release in over 30 years.

Many of you know us from our string of hits in the late 70’s and early 80’s when songs like Every Time I Think of You, Head First, Isn’t It Time, Back On My Feet Again and Midnight Rendezvous defined The Babys as an unbeatable power-pop band with a signature sound.

When we all decided to call it quits with The Babys, we all went onto other amazing projects. John Waite went solo and then on to Bad English. Ricky Phillips ended up in Styx, Jonathan Cain went on to join Journey and Wally Stocker and Tony Brock joined Rod Stewart’s band.

The odd thing was…The Babys just went away! Just completely disappeared. No attempted reunions, no one-off gigs. Nothing.

Well, maybe we didn’t completely disappear.

As we all know, The Babys hits remain ubiquitous on Radio, sites like Pandora and YouTube and The Babys power-pop legacy and signature sound has certainly remained alive and well.
Tony and Wally decided it might be time to play those hits again, and after a long process of auditions and rehearsals we are proud to have re-assembled The Babys!
Two original members, and two new members – John Bisaha and Joey Sykes! Same sound, same passion.

We made a video that you can view here, and in the video you can meet us as we discuss the process a bit more, so take a moment and check it out.

Suffice to say, we are having a blast playing together and rehearsing as a band and we are planning a tour we will announce very soon.
We want to deliver the best show possible and make sure the hits and the sound and energy reflect exactly what The Babys fans would expect.

We have assembled our band, rehearsed like crazy, and played some warm up dates.
And now we are in the middle of making an album to deliver to you in April 2014.

The Babys are beyond grateful to Pledge Music and for their help in getting our message out to our fans.

And we need to ask your help to deliver a dream!

Your help and support will provide us exactly what’s needed to create our new album.
Additionally and as importantly, the support you offer will help us market the new album.

In exchange for your support, we promise to deliver to you the purest and most powerful signature power-pop that has always defined The Babys!

We have a very important charity that is near and dear to all of us in the band, and 10% of our funds go directly to them.

Take a moment and watch our interview video, then check out our streaming player where you can hear all those great hits.

We have also posted a video here of us performing our new single “Not Ready To Say Goodbye”.

Keep checking back, we are updating with new information all the time.

The Babys
(Tony, Wally, John and Joey)

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Santa Clarita Valley Food Pantry.

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The Babys

The Babys are working on an album to be released in April 2014.

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Exclusive T-Shirt (includes album download)

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The new album by The Babys – on vinyl!

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Exclusive T-Shirt (includes album download) + Signed CD

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Signed Guitar
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