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Hole in the Universe

The new Destroyers album is nearly ready. This is a chance for YOU to help us launch it!


of goal

Dear fans and concerned individuals. The Fate of The Destroyers new album has been bravely put in the hands of their beloved fans and supporters!

Frankly, we need your help. Without any wealthy philanthropists in sight, no lottery wins, treasure maps to follow or magic beanstalks to climb; we need to fund the final stages of our 2nd album ‘Hole in the Universe.’

So, we’ve decided to come to PledgeMusic to offer pre-orders of the new album & exclusive pre-release digital downloads along with many unique one-off offers. Please peruse our selection of goods on the right, as well as package deals on T-shirts & albums etc. You can also get VIP guest tickets to gigs, signed handwritten copies of lyric sheets, music lessons, even the tall man Louis’ lengthy beard & mustache combo!!

Why do we need your money? Where has the money gone?

With our debut CD – Out of Babel – released in 2009, the time had come to start working on a follow-up. We spent countless days over the last year writing and rehearsing new songs out of a shared desire to follow up Babel with a real monster of an album. Eventually we booked 3 weeklong sessions with Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios and recorded 13 tracks. Gavin, Gazz & Joe have worked long days with us on this album & done great work, but after so much time in the studio recording & mixing we still have some final mixing to do, mastering, artwork, manufacture & promotion to pay for before we can release the album and give it the big send off we think it deserves.

We have also thought long and hard about supporting a charity as part of our campaign. ‘Awards for Young Musicians’ a great charity that helps talented young musicians in challenging circumstances with the cost of music tuition and instruments will receive a donation if we achieve our targets.

Please spread the word, share this link via your social networks and with your friends because nothing beats word of mouth and we’re sure some people who don’t know us yet would be happy to discover some new original music!

Many thanks to you all. We hope to see you at one of our shows this autumn & keep an eye on our live page for exciting new gigs in the Spring and beyond. Happy winter UK folks and ahoy to the rest of the world.

Peace & Love,

The Destroyers

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Awards for Young Musicians.


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AccessPass: Hole in the Universe

Hole in the Universe

This is our second album, “Hole in the Universe.” Here you can pledge to help us with our quest to deliver a first class album of original Destroyers tunes to you. We know you will like it!

CD and digital download of 'Hole in the Universe'

5 left

Receive a copy of the new Destroyers album and digital download sent directly to you. Enjoy the sleeve notes, lyrics and printed CD insert.

Destroyers T-Shirt

4 left

Receive one of our beautifully designed and well-made Destroyers T-shirts in your size delivered to your door.

Signed CD and Digital Download of 'Hole in the Universe'

15 left

Getting all 15 members of The Destroyers to sign a CD is almost an impossibility until now, get your signed copy and digital download asap.

CD of 'Hole in the Universe' plus CD of 'Out of Babel'

49 left

Receive a copy of the new Destroyers album. Enjoy the sleeve notes, lyrics and printed CD insert plus receive our first highly acclaimed album ‘Out of Babel’.

T-shirt Package

11 left

Get our new CD and a Destroyers official T-shirt for a bargain price!

Hat Mungus.. plus Signed CD

All gone!

Receive one of the famous ‘Destroyers hat bag’ hats and a signed CD, wear it with pride forever.

Tickets to Bham Show and Signed CD

All gone!

Two Tickets to Birmingham Town Hall Concert on 10th December 2011 plus a signed CD of ‘Hole in the Universe’ limited numbers

Tickets to London Show and Signed CD

All gone!

Two tickets to London, Wiltons Music Hall Show on 2nd December 2011 plus a signed CD of ‘Hole in the Universe’ limited numbers.

CD plus signed copy of lyric sheet

25 left

Ever wondered where and how the lyrics for ‘Hole in the Universe’ were conceived? Then get your own signed copy of one of the lyrics sheets professionally printed ready for framing plus CD and digital download.

Cameo part in our new video

All gone!

for the release of ‘Hole in the Universe’. (two people).
Come and enjoy the filming and frolics that always happen on our video shoots! You and a friend could be featured forever as part of The Destroyers make up.

One-to-One lesson with Destroyers members

16 left

Enjoy an hour long lesson with a member of The Destroyers with this exclusive offer. Choose from drums, guitar/mandolin, flute (world flutes, Indian, Chinese, Folk Whistle), violin, trumpet, trombone, accordian or tuba. You don’t have to play an instrument, just want to learn. Lesson includes having a laugh, listening and general musicianship tips.

Hurdy Gurdy Heaven

3 left

What you might say! a lesson with the hurdy gurdy man cometh? Yes now it is available for a reduced cost. Learn more about the most mysterious of the Destroyers instruments and get to have a go with the Hurdy Gurdy man Mick Howson!

VIP Tickets to Bham Show and Personally Signed CD

All gone!

Two VIP Guest Tickets to Birmingham, Town Hall Show on 10th December 2011 plus a signed CD of ‘Hole in the Universe’, very limited numbers – after show reception with the band.

VIP Tickets to London Show and Personally Signed CD

All gone!

Two VIP Guest Tickets to London, Wiltons Music Hall Show on 2nd December 2011 plus a signed CD of ‘Hole in the Universe’, very limited numbers – after show reception with the band.

Framed Beard!

All gone!

Own the tall man Louis’ Beard, framed and signed by the Destroyers. Top quality wooden and glass frame ready for hanging. Includes copy of the new CD.

Unlimited two guest list tickets for 2012!

All gone!

Fancy attending any Destroyers gig you like (that we have a guest list for) for the whole of 2012 then pledge your money now!

Signed drum head

1 left

Receive your very own signed drum head from the kit of the Irish Warrior drummer, Dan O’Connell and a copy of ‘Hole in the Universe’.

Rehearsal/Dinner with the Band

3 left

You and a friend can come and have dinner with the band and visit one of our rehearsals, plus receive your copy of the latest album ‘Hole in the Universe’.

Destroyers Gig in your Local Area

2 left

Ever wanted the Destroyers to perform near you? Now you can book them to perform in your back garden (if it’s big enough!) or in a venue near you. All you need to provide is the venue, we will do the rest. Come on, get together with your friends and promote your local Destroyers concert.

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