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Simon Kay

Simon Kay commented

I've still not received the signed double LP!! What the hell's going on??!!

Robert Ahearn

Robert Ahearn commented

Rude boy Rob here. I've got a good friend who's sister is a big fan of you guys. She's been a hell of sister lately by dropping everything and flying into town to help take care of his wife who has breast cancer. I'd love to take her to one of the shows this Friday or Saturday at sold out Sweetwater to show her a good time and a lot of appreciation for her efforts. Any way you can help? Love you guys and hope you play the new stuff!!!

Roger Ash

Roger Ash commented

Still haven't received any refund for my hand written lyrics pledge. Would love an update on this.

Artist response
dave wakeling

dave wakeling commented

i will check for you roger, i think most have already received


Roger Ash

Roger Ash commented

Thank you, Dave. I appreciate it.

David Taucher

David Taucher commented

How can I get on the guest list, if possible for the Seattle show?

Steven Berry

Steven Berry commented

Great show in Tempe the other day. Thanks for the tickets Dave! Next time please play some more cuts from the new album.



Still waiting for any news from pledge, only received cd of Beat bundle.

John Cormano

John Cormano commented

Finally got the Beat bundle. Love it. Album is outstanding. Well done sir.

John Cormano

John Cormano commented

Holy crap, my order finally shipped! Yeah.

Stephen Tomlinson

Stephen Tomlinson commented

After waiting 4 years, finally received the album but the LP sleeve was damaged in the mail from shoddy packaging. Sent a message to Pledge more than a month ago, still waiting for a solution. Sent a follow up message and no response so far.

John Miles

John Miles commented

Finally received the signed album and must say well worth the wait
Old school beat at their best
Great tracks , great artwork and still a great band
Long may you make and play your great music