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Hi Kut,

I've not received my vinyl order yet

Adrian van Gils

Adrian van Gils commented

When will I receive my order?

Chris  Sanders

Chris Sanders commented

Have been playing the album continuously in the car since receiving it. Well done on a great debut!!!
Come and play the Crauford Arms in Milton Keynes when you can. All the best, Chris

13 Gleadless Ave

13 Gleadless Ave commented

A PS to the last post; I notice you've a fair few Sheffield dates coming up through the summer. I'll make sure to wander to your merch stand and say "Hi".

Andy Smith, Gleadless.

13 Gleadless Ave

13 Gleadless Ave commented

Package arrived containing the pic-disc. Loving the whole thing; the black envelope, the badge, the sticker... and most of all the excellent handwriting. As an English tutor I notice these things! Respect, ladies.


Musicneil66 commented

p.s just downloaded Valley of Thorns, lets get it up the charts!!


Musicneil66 commented

Hi, just received cds etc. today thanks. Love the personisled signings. Plan to come and see you in Carlisle in August, any chance of being on your guest list!


Musicneil66 commented

Can't wait to here the album! Here is to your great energy and pursuit of your end goal! You smashed it!

Edward Bijl van Duijvenbode

Edward Bijl van Duijvenbode commented

Ha, ha, that's the best band name I've ever heard of. Please come to The Netherlands, the venues will sell out immediately!

Artist response

Maha commented

ahaha thank you XD We did our first trip out to NL around this time last year and it was great, followed by Belgium. Apparently it means a similar thing too. We can't wait to come back! My uncle and cousins are living in the Netherlands at the moment so it's always a great excuse to visit :D xx