PledgeMusic Still Haven't Paid The Kut Campaign : (

Since my upsetting update regarding the non-payment of the PledgeMusic campaign, I have on the advice of dear supporters set up a Patreon account. 65% of the money raised for the debut album here on PledgeMusic remains unpaid by Pledge. This has also meant that sales outside Pledge are affected, as Cargo, who also are owed a portion of the campaign payments, are of course not able to pay out The Kut album sales from iTunes, Spotify, HMV or other retailers as yet. It’s a total disaster and meantime, interest has been coming in thick and fast.

As a result of these issues, I set up the Patreon site at http://patreon.com/thekut
Thankfully, we’re over half way to our community goal of 50 Patrons. Reaching this target will drastically help soften the blow of the interest payments due to PledgeMusic late / non-payment issue. It has already been a huge help, and a big thank you if you have already joined the page.

The site also gives me the opportunity to add something extra and exclusive for everyone supporting The Kut. So far we have a custom Q&A, behind the scenes pics, performance videos and discount event tickets on the site. There’s also plans for live streaming. All Patrons joining by the end of THIS MONTH will also have their name featured in the acknowledgements of my 2019 Journal, access to my blog, and a download of my ‘RAWII EP’, which I’ll be recording sporadically across 2019 – full of new raw demos.

If you’d like to support The Kut on Patreon, then support tiers start from around £2 a month, with the highest being approximately £19 a month. You can join in on a subscription basis. Or you can also make a one off donation via http://paypal.com/thekut – a HUGE thank you to everyone who has already done so. Your help has been immense and it’s incredibly appreciated.

There are also additional perks for those who can and would like to give that extra. These include the Annual Team Razors T-Shirt, Signed Photos and some Custom Merch I’ve been planning. Again, a huge thank you to everyone supporting and let’s see if we can hit the target! I’ve got a special announcement to make when this happens! You rock!

I hope to see you at http://patreon.com/thekut

Big love and thank you
Maha xx

Important Update: The Kut Campaign - I've not been paid : (

Hey, I’m not sure you would have heard the news on PledgeMusic, but unfortunately The Kut is one of the acts affected by the financial issues PledgeMusic is encountering. This means that over 65% of the money raised for The Kut Valley of Thorns campaign has never been paid. I’ve known this for a good few months and I would be lying if I said it’s not a huge problem. I have not issued any statement on this previously because I am still hopeful it might be resolved, but a few people or bands that asked me about our campaign already know. With many people and labels now taking action on Pledge, I’d rather you heard it from me – I’ve not been paid.

PledgeMusic have recently issued this statement:

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Having received so much support from PledgeMusic while running the campaign, this is a massive blow. To them, The Kut and the music industry in general, which had to fight for trust in crowd funding campaigns in general. I’d just like to say that our campaign manager, and the team involved in running the campaign were truly amazing. I’m not sure if you know, but some of the team are in famous bands themselves – all music lovers. I feel just as awful for them as I do all the acts involved. It’s clearly a financial mismanagement issue and not down to the team who are quite possibly just as worried as we are. It’s so heartbreaking that all the acts that worked with PledgeMusic are now seriously worried that they may never see the money they have raised (and quite possibly already spent).

I’ve had some very kind messages asking what people can do to help. I’d like to say first, that I’m eternally grateful that you supported the release of Valley of Thorns. It’s out there, it’s a hit, it charted all over the UK album charts, and it’s all thanks to your support. You bought copies, you shared in the wins, you headed out to stores, you emotionally supported me and my band. It is all thanks to this campaign that the album released. Anyone who is in a band will tell you, although money is important, it’s really not about the money – so I want you to know that your contribution has not been wasted. As an artist I’m indebted to you for all your incredible love and warmth. You totally smashed it.

Damage limitation: The brand new video “I Am Vain” is just out. Fortunately this was not linked to PledgeMusic funds and you’ll probably be relieved to know that when you see it! It’s totally over the top, and probably our best video yet. I’ve also launched our new Online Store at http://thekut.co.uk/supportus.html if there’s any items you wanted to get but didn’t manage to at the time. But honestly, the best help you can give The Kut right now is to support the new music video. If you haven’t seen it already, this is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF6NeisEqkc Please watch & share to help us get the word out. Best thing about this is that it doen’t cost anything.

I hope that PledgeMusic will be able to pay out the money owed for The Kut campaign and all the other acts in the outlined 90 day timeframe. Obviously there are costs I am constantly incurring as a result of not being paid for months. Please know that I am still trying to remain optimistic and please trust that if that money lands in my account, you will be the first to know. I’ll be spreading the word on that just as loudly.

Big love
Maha xxx

Yeahhh!! Valley of Thorns has Re-Entered the UK Album Charts w/ 12" Vinyl

I’m so blown away! ‘Valley of Thorns’ has re-entered two UK Album Charts with the launch of the 12" Vinyl this week!! The Rock Albums Chart and the Independent Breakers Album Chart! It’s totally brilliant and proves once again that The Kut truly has the best supporters. You rock my world on a daily basis and you’ve seen the campaign out with a huge bang! After what has been almost a decade pushing to release an album, you’ve made this an incredible year for The Kut – one that has set me and my touring line ups up for some time to come! It’s really not every day that an independent act can reach the UK Charts – let alone 7 of them, and 2 of them twice!! The music industry is for the most part dominated by acts with huge amounts of major label support, and it’s an incredible breakthrough all thanks to your involvement.

This is the last update from Pledge now, so I’d like to say T H A N K Y O U for all of your epic support. Please do keep on spreading the word. The best link to share is this one http://thekut.co.uk/valley-of-thorns

All Pledge items are shipped now, and some of the remaining items and bundles are now listed on The Kut website. Please note that these do not include the ‘Valley of Thorns’ digital download (Cargo Records own the rights to sell these), and shipping costs are additional rather than included http://thekut.co.uk/supportus.html That said, this is the first port of call for all Kut related merch, especially when some stores are selling limited edition releases at such high prices.

Lastly, please add mailinglist@thekut.co.uk to your safe list to receive future updates from me. I don’t send emails out so much, maybe every month or two, although I am thinking to run an email series next month on the history of The Kut. Let me know what you think!

Anyway, that’s it – it’s over! If you’d like to read more about the campaign overall, check out this interview I did with Pledge in June. https://www.pledgemusic.com/blog/the-kut-interview-june-2018 It’s been an intense time but an amazing time. You smashed it! Let’s see where it goes next…..

Big love and thank you!

Maha xxx


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