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Scuzz TV to Premiere 'Mind Games'

We’ve got some awesome news! Scuzz TV is going to premiere the brand new ‘Mind Games’ video next week! Make sure to tune in on Sky Channel 367 & Freesat 502 and let us know what you think! First person to spot gets all the love ;) Alex and the team have been absolute legends to The Kut over the years, featuring 6 of our music videos on Scuzz TV. Some on incredibly heavy rotation, starting with the ‘No Trace’ video that featured in the Most Wanted Rock Chart for many weeks. This totally rocks! It’s my favourite channel, and I’m so happy to be able to announce this ahead of the release of the ‘Mind Games’ single on Friday 30th March. I’m so happy to have shot this video alongside my touring companions and friends Diana Bartman (Drums), Jayke Turl (Guitar) and Dany Jones (Bass). Also, special shout outs go to everyone who featured in the video – Sam Moffat, who smashed it, and the Vikings MC, who were all an absolute pleasure to film with. Also, to all the crew who were involved with the studio shots – thank you so much! The video was directed by Canz Rickman & Mike Gripz. Big thanks to everyone involved, and special thanks to Richard A. Clark, our Executive Producer – who has very kindly funded a large portion of this video through the Pledge Campaign. This rocks!

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I also had the pleasure of announcing the Scuzz TV premiere live on Facebook, while performing at our very first Pledge House Party Concert last night! Here’s a link, if you use Facebook It was an amazing night and experience! We felt so welcomed and the night totally represented the kindness and warmth that you’ve shown across this whole pledge campaign. Thank you! I’m delighted to say that you’ve got us up to 180% of the target this weekend! This is truly incredible, especially as the large majority of promotional costs for the album would be met at around the 200% mark! I’ve said it many times, but we really are surrounded by the best friends and supporters. You rock my world!

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Please keep on spreading the news far and wide. The link to share is – - It is all helping, and every single pledge is taking ‘Valley of Thorns’ further out of the red and towards a potential Rock Album’s Chart Position. I’m sure we can do this!

I’d also like to give a big shout out to all the awesome DJs and Stations adding ‘Mind Games’ this last couple of weeks – 85+ and counting. Big love to Johnny Doom at Kerrang! Radio, Sean McGinty & Gareth Fletcher at BBC Introducing Lancashire, Mike James Rock Show at Hard Rock Hell Radio, including our first USA add for WLAS – 102.9 FM, Lasell College Radio in the NACC Rock Chart, Deuce Radio Show, Phoenix FM 106.7 FM Australia, Time Out With Phillip Silverstone, Fylde Coast Radio, Rock On The Rise Radio, Graffiti Vibe, Controlradiouk, 973FM: Blasts That Last, Eat The Music at 89.3FM 2GLF, DON – Anything Should Happen Show,, Ignite Rocks, Radio Caroline, ROTR Radio, BRFM GWENT, Belter Radio, Susy Radio 103.4FM and online, Metal Mayhem Radio, Nusakan Radio, Justin at Woking Radio, The Fox’s Den Show, Vixen 101.8 FM East Yorkshire, Radio Wig Wam, Express FM, Portsmouth, Fatman’s Rock Show, The Nathan Downes Show at 5 Towns Radio, Broke Neck Radio, UK Independent, Sword Radio UK and many more.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to you for pledging. All the exposure you are seeing right now on the album is in large part a product of your support to fund the promotion of ‘Valley of Thorns’.

Big love
Maha xx

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