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New Album

Help me get my second album made by pre-ordering it here & pledging for exclusive goodies and unique hand-picked treats.


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Thank you for coming to visit this speck of internet, The Little Unsaid’s pledge page that is here to help raise funds towards the cost of making my new album.

It’s been just over two years since the debut album was released, and I’ve been itching to make another one since then. Like most independent artists, the backing for projects like this doesn’t come from the music industry machine. No cigar-chewing, suited record label mogul has sat me down and uttered the words ‘kid, we’re gonna make you a star,’ or ‘here’s lots of cash to make a record, now wear these hotpants.’ The only way I can continue making my music and getting it out to an audience is through the support of good folks like you, and this pledge page is a new and exciting way of us working together to get a record made.

On the right hand side of this page you’ll see a mouth-watering list of incentives that you can pre-order or ‘pledge’ for. Every pledge will get you the digital download of the new album when it’s released early in 2013. But further down the list there are additional goodies like signed CD copies of the album, limited edition artwork, a download of acoustic versions of songs from the album, hand written lyrics sheets, your name in the liner notes of the album sleeve or even an acoustic gig in your living room/garden/bathroom. Every pledge will help towards the costs of recording, mixing, mastering and pressing the album.

By pledging you will also be able to access exclusive content as the album goes into production. You’ll see behind the scenes photographs, video updates at various stages of the recording and mixing, and hear sneak previews of the album tracks before anyone else.

The fact that this home-grown musical labour of love continues to grow and reach new ears is all thanks to you guys supporting and sharing the music. Whether you’ve been to a gig, worn the T-Shirt out and about, bought some of my recordings, or let me sleep on your couch after a show, your support and encouragement has allowed me to continue making this music, and without your help this next step in the journey wouldn’t be possible.

Much love and excitement,

The Little Unsaid

How it works:

1) You pick one of the exclusives on the right-hand side of this page.

2) You provide your card details, which are stored securely by PledgeMusic

3) If we reach the target, you are charged for the amount pledged; if we don’t, you are not charged at all (please note: you can also pledge via Paypal and your pledge will be taken immediately and refunded if the 100% target is not reached).

4) The Little Unsaid’s new album is released and you receive your exclusives!

Sample Artist Tracks


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: The New Album

The New Album

Digital download of the new album.

New Album CD

467 left

The new album on CD.

New Album Signed CD

462 left

New album signed CD

Acoustic Album


Especially for those of you who enjoy stripped-down acoustic versions of the songs, I’ll be recording acoustic solo versions of all tracks from the new album, available as a digital download.

Handwritten Lyrics Sheet

22 left

Let me know your favourite Little Unsaid song and I’ll send you a handwritten lyrics sheet, complete with doodles.

Limited Edition Artwork

8 left

Signed limited edition prints of brand new Little Unsaid artwork.

Your Name in the Album Credits

16 left

Your name will be printed in the liner notes of the new album as a thank you. Your CD copy of the new album is of course included in this!

Write You a Song

All gone!

I’ll write and record a new acoustic song especially for you, based on a theme/idea of your choice and sent personally to you as a digital download.

Acoustic Gig in Your House

4 left

I’ll come play an acoustic gig in your living room/garden/bathroom/shed. UK mainland only, travel and accommodation costs to be covered by pledger (don’t worry, we musicians know how to travel and live cheaply!)

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