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Imagined Hymns & Chaingang Mantras

Support us in the making of a new album by pre-ordering your copy plus lyrics books, signed art, house concerts and more


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Hello out there!

Here I am once again, hauling a sack full of new songs to the top of the hill to squeal “WE’VE MADE SOME NEW THINGS” into the valley below.

Here I am once again asking for your support if you’d like a new The Little Unsaid album to exist in the world.

Here’s the lowdown:

We’re calling this project Imagined Hymns and Chaingang Mantras.

Myself and the band have been touring non-stop since we finished our album Fisher King last year. We’ll be recording this new album together, with thousands of road miles, hundreds of shows, and countless stale service station sandwiches behind us.

Graeme Stewart (Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead’s producer) will be working with us in the studio, helping us capture the raw, live sound of the band for the album. We’ll have various other collaborators helping us too, drawing on the ever-expanding community of creative folks who we’ve met on our travels and roped into our odd little world.

We are joining forces with Pledge Music once again to try make this all happen.

As many of you know, the music that me and my musical comrades have been making these past six years has all been recorded and released independently, without any support from the big-commercial-music-industry-machine.

Our route around the machine so far has helped shape The Little Unsaid into what it is today.

In bypassing the commercial industry, we’ve instead relied on building connections with this quietly-growing underground community of fans and artists that YOU have helped gather around this music by following it, sharing it, living with it.

This creative exchange is ridiculously exciting to us, and it’s now just as essential to the making of this music as guitar strings and single malt whisky.

Once again we’re going direct to the people we are making the music for to ask for some support so we can get this new album recorded and drop it into your laps lovingly, like a loyal pooch might deliver the morning newspaper to his master.*

Making this album is a massive step for us, and we’re so grateful to all of you who are willing to join us for this part of the ride. We really can’t get this one off the ground without you.

Whether you pre-order the album, invite us to come play a gig in your house, or take part in this pledge campaign in any way, you are making a hugely valued commitment to this furry little independent artist and I bloody love you for it.

Thank you so much for reading if you made it this far.

Let’s get to work!

John x

*Albums will most likely be delivered by standard international postal services, we won’t actually approach you on all fours like a dog with the CDs between our teeth. Unless you really want us to. x

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AccessPass: New Album Download

New Album Download

The new songs, digitally pippetted onto your microchips like downloadable icing sugar. Along with access to all the exclusive pledger-only updates and content.

New Album on CD

New Album on CD
118 left

Shiny, pleasantly-packaged compact disc of the new album including pledger-only thank you cards written by our grateful selves. PLUS, album download and access to all the exclusive updates.

'Someone Else's Lullabies' Final Signed Copies

'Someone Else's Lullabies' Final Signed Copies
All gone!

I found a handful of the remaining copies of 2010’s ‘Someone Else’s Lullabies’ hiding in a box. These are the final copies of my debut album as it’s now out of print. Signed personally to you.

Signed Artwork Print

30 left

New album artwork in all its glory in a limited edition print, signed by myself and the artist, numbered and dated.

Signed Set List

7 left

From one of the shows on our spring/summer tour, the sweat-soaked setlist fresh from the stage, signed and dated.

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

Handwritten Lyric Sheet
11 left

The song lyrics of your choice, written out by my very own twisted little claws. Includes new album on CD plus access to updates.

Limited Edition Bootleg Demo CD

Limited Edition Bootleg Demo CD
5 left

Raw, early demo versions of the songs recorded whilst writing them on trains, by the sea, in bathrooms, compiled in a special handmade bootleg demo CD package only available here. Signed & numbered.

Handmade Lyrics Booklet

Handmade Lyrics Booklet
3 left

The lyrics of the new songs in a limited edition handmade booklet, numbered and signed.

Your Name In The Liner Notes + Signed CD

Your Name In The Liner Notes + Signed CD
45 left

You’ll be credited in the album liner notes, thanking you for your involvement and support in getting it made and released. INCLUDES new album on CD.

New Album Full Package

3 left

Bundle of joy containing the new album on CD, plus hand-packaged Bootleg Demo CD, handmade lyrics booklet, and pledger thank you card, all signed. Plus access to all exclusive updates.

Cover Song of Your Choice

Cover Song of Your Choice
1 left

Name the song, I’ll learn it, interpret it in my own twisted way, record it and send you my version as a download, hoping that you don’t weep with regret at the final result.

Write You A Song

Write You A Song
1 left

I’ll write and record a new song for you, inspired by whatever subject matter or ideas or dedications or philosophical musings you choose.

Illustrations from Pledge Video

Illustrations from Pledge Video
1 left

The amazing original illustrations by Mariya Brachkova that were created especially for our pledge video, signed. A bit of Little Unsaid history captured in 10 beautiful drawings.

Executive Producer Package

4 left

Wow, this is an IMMENSE amount of support, thank you so much. On top of your exec. producer credit on the album, we’ll talk – a house gig, a song, any other ideas you have…ALL the things, basically.

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