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Hi there,
Apologies for the lack of contact, have been incredibly busy with song writing and other bits of life that kind of get in the way.
Anyway, we now have some rather excellent new songs that are being prodded into shape and given a good going over.
“Eom Draca Albion” is an epic with Old English lyrics, that starts at 60BPM and builds….. a lot.
The Sea Shanty, provisionally entitled “Barbary Coast” has become a bit of a stomper. And we have finally got “We Are All Gods” down and it is rather hypnotic and features some trippy violin from Jo Violet. The Title track to the Album (soon to be revealed) is classic Violets and should be a big one. We have a smorgasboard of Punky stuff, with “Ape-x” and another as yet unnamed ditty and some twisteddiscodancefloor stuff with “Discoboy Must Die” among others.
I’m just about to do a little birthday jaunt with the Sisters, and will try and use my downtime between partying to get these t-shirt designs finished.
And some of you may have noticed we have confirmed to play at WGT. We are headlining the Felsenkeller on the Friday. Should be fun!
Much post Valentine love to you all

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